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We are in search of a Cloud Engineer to plan and deploy services into GCP cloud resources and newly acquired on-premise VMWare datacenter assets. The candidate must have experience migrating local virtual machine resources utilizing Microsoft Hyper-V High Availability Cluster to VMWare High Availability Cluster and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); and GCP Platform as a Service (PaaS).

The engineer must work with local and remote NOAA staff to plan the migration of each IT service and/or asset. Each asset must be migrated in a manner that allows the source and destination assets to operate in a synchronous or asynchronous manner in their final state.

Assets may require the reallocation or relocation of local services such as web and database to be reconfigured using GCP services such as Cloud SQL.

Tasks may include cloning, converting, exporting, or re-engineering services and assets to function when in a cloud or VMWare datacenter environment.

The contractor must serve as the deployment expert during migration, development, test, monitoring during all phases of the project. The engineer must co-lead the development of the migration plan and assist in the management of IT assets during deployment efforts.

The engineer must create and provide a maintenance document/SOP which appropriately describes all maintenance tasks required for the continuous support and management of each asset deployed during the project.

The engineer must develop a backup and recovery plan for all deployed assets. Implementation of plan is contingent on funds and will be determined at the time of the deployment.


  • 5+ years experience in high performing teams; demonstrated experience with cloud engineering best practices.
  • Exposure to US Government security concepts, best practices and policies for cloud-based deployments
  • Expert in Microsoft SQL
  • Expert with GCP IaaS and PaaS
  • Experience with GCP Backup Service/Technology
  • Previous experience deploying on-premise web services to GCP
  • Previous experience migrating from Hyper-V High Availability Cluster to VMWare High Availability Cluster
  • Project management experience

Posted On: Tuesday, May 25, 2021

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