DevOps Engineer (AWS, Docker, Containers)

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DevOps Engineer , Product Innovation Team

You might fit well in the product innovation team if you enjoy technology, are passionate about the things you create, enjoy setting your own direction and moving fast. 

This includes sharing opinions within the team, taking the initiative to learn new things and putting in the work to make our products the best.   *


Position requires experience in Amazon Cloud and Docker Containers.

As a DevOps Engineer...

You are responsible for delivering an end-to-end solution from initial concept through finished solution in the area of automated build, deployment, monitoring and server infrastructure. 

You’ll need the ability to quickly understand needs, from a user perspective, and move from there to a working prototype that captures the essence of what the product should be.  The ability to not only code and configure tools, but also assemble and integrate technology across disparate platforms is critical to success.  

This includes a deep understanding of systems, data structures, modern scripting, and enterprise level languages as well as open source tools that can and should be leveraged to solve problems.  You’ll work in a rapid environment where there aren’t always clear specifications or rules about how something should be done, where its up to you to figure things out and keep things moving. 

Some other things you’ll do regularly include:

Write code, integrate systems and build configurations to drive and innovate around our server based platform across the organization.

Leverage open technology such as Docker, Swarm, Saltstack, Bash, Javascript, Python, Git, Jenkins, Linux, HAProxy, AWS Cloud, ELK, Java, Kafka, MongoDB, Zookeeper, and plenty of othersIntegrate systems using a wide variety of protocols like REST, SOAP, MQ, TCP/IP, JSON and othersDesign and build automated code deployment systems that simplify development work and make our work more consistent and predictable.  You’ll do this by orchestrating environment deployment from OS all the way through the application layers of a solution, using tools such as Docker, Saltstack, Jenkins and many field typically

t a deep understanding of server virtualization, networking and storage ensuring that the solution scales and performs with high availability and uptime

Create mechanisms/architectures that enable rapid recovery, repair and cleanup of faulty migrations with good understanding of fault tolerance and failure domains

Identify opportunities to deliver self-service capability for the most common infrastructure and application management tasks

Create automated tests that easily plug into our automated code pipeline

Provide deep and detailed levels of monitoring across all levels of the application.



You’re someone who wants to influence your own development.  You’re not intimidated by technology, you know how to leverage it to build great products. Your skills are broad –scripting, user experience, integration, database, even business domains – and you easily transition between those.

 You like to leverage modern technology and can quickly assemble it to create solutions that aren’t over-engineered.  You’re also comfortable in a role where a job title is not considered the final definition of who you are, but just a starting point

What Are We Looking For in This Role?

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's DegreeRelevant

Experience or Degree in: Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Business or related field

Typically No Relevant Experience Required

Four-year college degree and 0 years, or a high school diploma with 2+ years of professional experience in coding, designing, developing and analyzing data

Posted On: Monday, October 1, 2018
Compensation: $49,572–$74,664

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