Overnight Youth Residential Advisor

DirectedLINK - Anaheim, CA

The Residential Advisor will be responsible for providing day-to-day interactions, guidance, and supervision to youth in a transitional living program. With a focus of providing life skills training and assisting youth to achieve their goals of completing education, developing job skills, and finding employment, the Residential Advisor will provide the support and guidance the youth need to be successful and become independent. The Residential Advisor is also responsible for general upkeep and housekeeping duties at the site, during his or her shift. Youth supervision will be in accordance with each youth’s individualized treatment plan. In situations that require redirecting of youth, or in some cases, application of other de-escalation or intervention techniques, the Residential Advisor will observe all policies, procedures, and protocols for such, and will document each incident as required.

Job Essentials:

  • Maintains adequate levels of inventory per established department reorder points and proactively orders supplies to meet department requirements.
  • An active member of case management and success teams to ensure student success in the program.
  • Initiates work orders to make necessary repairs as required and follows-up with maintenance to ensure completion.
  • May transport students to and from the Center.
  • Produces quality work/assignments in a thorough, timely, and accurate manner.
  • Maintains appropriate personal attendance, accountability, and work productivity standards.


  • High School Diploma or Equivalent required

Posted On: Friday, March 18, 2022

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