Residential Youth Counselor

DirectedLINK - Vista, CA

We are seeking an amazing compassionate professional who has a passion for supporting children with special needs. We are seeking to hire Counselors with skills, experience, and/or education in the Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice), or Special Education fields. These will support amazing youth (at-risk adolescent males, ages 10-17) to develop or expand their skills in supporting our residential, community or school-based program. This is a full-time position in Vista, California.

We offer a competitive wage, initial and ongoing training, a professional, engaging, caring, committed workplace, and excellent benefits (including vacation, sick time, healthcare, life insurance, and a range of voluntary options, including a 403B).


Counselors supervise and work with youth. Priorities and duties include ensuring a safe and positive environment for change. Counselors teach, coach, counsel, serve as role models and respond to crises/emergencies using positive interventions, effective professional relationships and therapeutic/behavioral skills. Staff also administer medications, track and report behaviors via computer, oversee and assist with maintaining agency/licensing living standards, and assist with physical interventions when difficult behaviors require. Our staff may work on our main campus or in residential homes within the community.

We have multiple shifts available (Shifts vary based on your schedule). *Shift hours may change or vary slightly depending on location. Reasonable notification provided.

Skills Required:
Bachelor's Degree Preferred.

· Experience in the field is a plus (and required for senior positions).

· Ability to engage with youth, apply sound judgment, be positive and deescalate aggressive behaviors.

· Ability to be on time, follow instructions, and use sound judgment.

· Must be able to drive and speak/understand English.

· Candidates must clear background fingerprint checks, pass physical assessments (including functional abilities and drug screening), and demonstrate a driving record acceptable to our insurer (staff drive youth in company vehicles).

Posted On: Tuesday, June 21, 2022

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