Overnight Youth Residential Manager

DirectedLINK - Vista, CA

The Overnight Facility Residential Manager provides a lead role in overseeing the documentation and administrative reporting duties relative to the facility records in conjunction with all Company and Community Care Licensing policies and procedures. Additionally, the Facility Manager is aware of and adheres to representing core program practices and standards, supporting behavioral objectives and assisting in the direction of the team to ensure a safe, positive and effective environment that is proactive in understanding and responding to the needs and crises of our youth.

Duties and Responsibilities

· Maintains and participates in assuring, under the direction of the PS, a safe and therapeutic and counseling/teaching environment (i.e. life skill) by: supervising youth, using positive discipline and appropriate professional boundaries, associated behavior modification and crisis intervention techniques effectively.

· Assists in ensuring that all program schedules are implemented in accordance with program standards, oversees, under the direction of the Program Specialist, that all components of the Milieu Treatment Program, including individualized treatment plans, are implemented and monitored in accordance with program standards.

· Observes and promptly responds to behavioral issues, adheres to safety standards and encourages appropriate living habits. Listens and problem solves to provide a safe, secure, and positive environment for each resident.

· Maintain and update: House supplies, office equipment, petty cash, logs and reports according to licensing, organization and crisis intervention techniques/standards (i.e. Pro-Act) insuring that house procedures and property (including the vans) are maintained and documented in accordance with Company organizational standards, agency practices, and Continuous Quality Improvement protocols.

· Performs other duties as assigned.

Posted On: Wednesday, November 2, 2022
Compensation: $21-$23

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