Material Production Operator - Rotating 10's

Drawbridge - Golden, CO

Job Description

Performs a variety of tasks associated with the production of high quality ceramic powders using equipment that transforms raw materials into finished goods.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Follows work orders to determine quantity, specifications and special instructions in the preparation of AMP material. Reports any deviation to lead or supervisor.

Loads and unloads WET ball mills

Loads and unloads DRY ball mills

Weighs up materials

Load and unload kilns

Add Binders and additives to slurry tanks (Wax room functions)

Blends and delivers proprietary AMP material formulations to meet customer specifications.

Operate, monitors and adjusts spray dryers and responsible for quality control testing

Cleans spray dryers to defined requirements

Material handling to and from storage by utilizing equipment including scales, hand tracks, pallet jacks and forklifts following all required safety procedures.

Uses manufacturing computer system to accurately record production data and other necessary transactions.

May be trained in one or more specialty areas (specialty materials, solids recovery, CDL licensed driver…)

Proficient in basic SPC data entry and interpretation

May Train incoming personnel on AMP equipment and basic processes

Must follow all safety procedures

Job Requirements:


High School Diploma or equivalent required

Basic language and math skills

Must meet all training requirements as defined by department


Manufacturing work experience a plus

Functional/Technical Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

Ability to understand and act on verbal and written instructions

Basic math and time-management skills

Basic computer skills

Must exhibit attention to detail as well as excellent listening, verbal and written communication skills

Must be able to work with a diverse variety of people from different cultures and backgrounds

Position Specific Title and Responsibilities (Required):

Confined space and fall protection required for this position.

LOTO required

Forklift operation required

May work any shift/ days as-required

Position Specific Physical Requirements (Required):

The ability to lift 50 lbs.

Ability to work from ladders when performing tasks.

Must be able to work in a cold or hot work environment

May be exposed to a dusty work environment

Rotating 10s - 4am - 2 pm

Posted On: Tuesday, July 6, 2021
Compensation: $18 - $20+ w/bonus

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