Petroleum Geologist

Drawbridge - Houston, TX

Job Description:

As Petroleum Geologist, you will spend 50% of your time in operations: QC final well plans, geosteering interpretation, 24/7 on call rig support (when drilling); 30% in planning: Creation and integration of geologic maps, petrophysics, logs, and 3D seismic for developing prospects. Plan horizontal wells to integrate optimal well placement, staggering, etc.; 20% Other value adding special projects as needed; geochem, shallow gas, completions support, etc. This Position will allow some room for value-adding, out-of-job description, projects and collaborations.

Responsibilities include:

· Under general supervision, performs routine Geological responsibilities in the Well Planning and Execution process.

· Responsible for creation and integration of geological maps, petrophysics, logs, and 3D seismic for prospect development.

· Responsible for designing complex horizontal wells with the Drilling Team and Well Planner to integrate zone targeting, risk reduction and multi-team best practices for drilling and production feasibility.

· Leads or participates in multi-disciplinary and upper management meetings to design and review well plans, assess prospect geology, and finalize well plans for permitting.

· Prior to spud, updates well plans with post-permit learnings and QC’s final well plans for spacing and targeting.

· Works independently to perform specific geoscience tasks, but often works with Geologists and Engineers in team-setting for greater-team alignment; multi-disciplinary teamwork and communication is essential.

· Interpret geophysical information in project reports

· Conduct field studies to analyze project data

· Accurately estimate fuel amounts using various techniques including geochemical analysis, ground-based sonar or satellite mapping

· Use equipment such as diamond core drillers, atomic absorption spectrometers and gas chromatographs

· Develop knowledge of geographic information systems (GIS) and global positioning (GPS) systems and interpret data collected from these technologies

· Implement drilling strategies for extraction of fuel

· Create and present post-project reports and maps to present to a supervisor, such as a chief geologist or project manager

· Develop strong interpersonal and communication skills for working with other geoscientists

· Provide supervision and guidance for staff level positions

· Oversight and management of field activities, including all field studies and geochemical analysis

· Review field data and create computer simulations

· Examine fossil records to determine the presence of oil and gas deposits

· Present team findings to superiors, which may include the CEO or Board of Directors


· Experience as a Petroleum Geologist

· Masters Degree in Geology

Posted On: Monday, October 5, 2020

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