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Tutoring serves students by assisting with academic success strategies. The primary responsibilities of a tutor is to support students (tutees) to become more independent learners, and reach their goals.

Tutors provide individual and/or group tutoring to students across a broad range of courses based on their personal area of expertise. Tutors meet with students to clarify and review concepts taught in class, explain processes and help students solve specific problems.

Tutoring supports classroom-centered activities, and as such, the emphasis and content of the tutoring sessions is determined by the student’s needs. Tutors work with colleagues and the Coordinator to support their own professional development.


- Provide subject-specific content to help students through drop-in assistance

- Recognize the different learning styles and student preferences

- Create a professional and welcoming environment by modeling respect for students’ diverse cultures, language skills, and experiences

- Use active listening strategies to allow student to determine content and pace of tutoring

- Utilize listening and questioning strategies as the primary tutoring method to diagnose student needs and monitor progress

- Participate in professional development activities to improve tutorial skill and continue to grow cultural competence and reflection skills

- Utilize feedback and reflection to improve practice

- Recognize primary role to help students become more confident, more successful, self-directed learners

- Be direct and kind with students at the same time

- Provide direct assistance in the use of equipment, learning objects, and materials needed for student success

- Make appropriate referrals to other campus and community resources as needed

Posted On: Thursday, August 11, 2022
Compensation: $22.00

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