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Principal - Remediation

Enginuity Advantage - Seattle, WA

We are looking for a Principal level environmental scientist/hydrogeologist/geologist/engineer.

To be a part of the Senior Management, Executive team- responsible for the vision & growth of the firm and making executive decisions.

Reporting directly for the CEO

  • develop and implement strategic plans with their technical fire power,  
  • manage programs 
  • drive collaboration and knowledge sharing and ensure successful execution on projects.

As a part of the executive team, this person will also help drive growth for the business through. effective BD strategies, leveraging their current connections in the industry, and/or best-case scenario having your clients follow.

The principal will be 50% billable- brining in 1millon dollars of work.

We are interested in someone that does sediment related work. They have a Senior level Resource that does this but are interested in bringing in a Principal level to double down and upbring this side of the business.

All technical staff fall under the current 3 Managing Principals, however depending on experience this person can have a couple direct reports to start as one the Principals is working towards a role where he will relinquish his direct reports to this role, and that transition can happen sooner or later depending on someone’s levels of skills and desire.



  • Principal offered 2%- they physically own 2% of money- they can sell that stake earlier to another principal, a lot more liquid than an ESOP.  
  • They can grow 10-fold in next 10 years, if you have true equity, the potential increase for you by the time you retire is significant. 
  • 401K – plan with principal and they match up to 3% total to employee contribution. And half percentage to every 1 percentage that employee contributes. If they contribute 1% they will match .5%.  
  • 3% of whatever their salary is  
  • Ask start 6% of salary so they get the full 3% employer match  
  • PTO- mid level to senior level 15 days a year. Sometimes 20 days – depends on candidate, and how much they grow to accrue. They don’t want to offer less than what they’ve grown to earn in their current role. Vacation time only. Sick time is an additional separate bucket- every employee get 6 days paid sick time every year. Sick time does not cap out and it does roll over year to year, but if they leave the company and paid out for sick time 
  • Vacation- it rolls over year-to-year cap of a max 200 hours accrued. People do get paid out for unused paid vacation time if they leave. 

Posted On: Tuesday, April 2, 2024

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