Senior Rock Mechanics Engineer

Enginuity Advantage - Seattle, WA


 Technical Requirements

  • Coordinate, plan, observe and participate in field exploration and testing programs including:
  • Rock coring using vertical and inclined borings.
  • Downhole testing including televiewer, pressuremeter, packer testing and others.
  • Rock mass mapping. Preferred experience includes cell and scanline mapping, LiDAR-based mapping, and UAV photogrammetry mapping.
  • Instrumentation of borings and rock slopes, including vibrating wire piezometers, inclinometers, joint meters, extensometers and others.
  • Perform site characterizations and evaluate geotechnical hazards.
  • Assess subsurface conditions, including soil and rock properties, discontinuity characteristics and geomechanical properties, including review and interpretation of field maps, field logs, test data, instrumentation results, and other field documentation. Evaluate field and laboratory test data and develop parameters for use in technical analyses.
  • Characterize rock mass properties including rock mass quality according to GSI, Q and RMR. Evaluate rock mass strength parameters using Hoek-Brown, Barton-Bandis, and Mohr-Coulomb methods.
  • Identify and characterize rock mass failure modes using qualitative (e.g., site reconnaissance) and quantitative (e.g., stereonets and kinematic analysis) methods.
  • Lead and perform rock engineering analyses and designs for rock excavation, slope stabilization, rockfall mitigation, foundations on/in rock, dams and tunnels.
  • Conduct numerical analysis using software such as Rocscience (SLIDE, DIPS, RS2, RS3), UDEC, Phase2.
  • Assist in the selection of criteria for planning, design, and construction of dams, tunnels, foundations, slopes, and earth-retaining structures.
  • Prepare technical reports including geotechnical data reports, geotechnical baseline reports, field reports, technical memoranda, computation packages, feasibility reports, design and evaluation reports, construction drawings, and specifications.
  • Knowledge of USACE and FERC Guidelines.
  • Knowledge of geologic classification and processes
  • General knowledge of seismic analyses.


  • BS in Civil or Geological Engineering or Geology and an MS or PhD with a geological engineering or geotechnical emphasis.
  • Professional Engineer License in Washington.
  • 15+ years of experience related to geotechnical/geological analysis and design with an emphasis in rock mechanics and rock engineering.
  • Experience with dam safety engineering and engineering and construction related to dams and related infrastructure preferred.
  • Skill in reading, interpreting and communicating contract documents, plans and specifications.
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills, with the ability to convey technical information through written and verbal communication.

Posted On: Wednesday, March 30, 2022

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