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Data Engineering Senior Manager

Enginuity Advantage - Seattle, WA

Position Summary

The Senior Manager, Data Engineering position is a crucial leadership role responsible for overseeing a team of data engineers and ensuring the successful delivery of work within defined domains. The role involves collaborating with various stakeholders to balance team well-being, feature development, and system maintenance. Key responsibilities include anticipating and addressing work process bottlenecks, leading implementation teams, sharing industry knowledge, guiding junior associates, and partnering with the business to align technology with business outcomes.

Senior Manager, Data Engineering Responsibilities

  • Play a vital role in testing and maintaining software applications
  • Advocating for software design best practices
  • Researching and recommending frameworks, and promoting operational excellence.
  • Identifies and addresses potential issues in work processes, offering continuous improvement recommendations.
  • Guides implementation teams to ensure the successful implementation of new concepts or methods.
  • Mentors and supports junior associates in their responsibilities, serving as a valuable resource.
  • Collaborates with business stakeholders to understand the connection between technology solutions and business outcomes effectively.
  • Creatively tests and manages software applications and associated programs that support large-scale real-time and batch data pipelines.
  • Acts as an advocate for best practices in software design for developing large-scale real-time and batch data pipelines and systems.
  • Conducts research and provides recommendations on frameworks, architectural designs, and coding patterns.
  • Overseeing the processes of unit testing, establishing SLAs, and ensuring data quality checks.
  • Demonstrates proficiency and up-to-date knowledge in languages, data platforms, cloud services, and methodologies.


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in a related technical field or equivalent professional experience
  • 8+ years of experience (for Bachelor's) or 6+ years for Master's
  • 3 years of people management experience
  • Proficient in multiple technologies or languages
  • Capable of justifying technology choices to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Skilled in defining team goals aligned with business needs.
  • Have the ability to influence product roadmaps, collaborate effectively with product teams, and foster a culture of collaboration and feedback within their team.


We are looking to hire for an upcoming contract, and look forward to learning more about your experience. The anticipated salary range for this position is 1$70,000 - $240,000.



Posted On: Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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