Estimating Assistant

Enginuity Advantage - Redmond, WA

Estimating Assistant

We are looking for someone with a background in construction or related field who can read plans and wants to join an awesome company to grow their career.

To evaluate projects for correct fit for us, to clarify SOW (scope of work), read specifications and make sure we meets those specs. Time manage the process to meet bid time line and providing the most competitive and comprehensive proposal. To work cohesively with our team and make the transformation from the estimate to the hand off to Engineering and PM’s seamless.

Scope of Responsibilities:

  • Verify what the anticipated install month would be, discuss w/ Marketing Manager to verify does this fit for our production and type of work IWS does best.
  • Read all the specs and drawings to create an accurate SOW that outlines the responsibilities
  • Double check with the customer that we all agree to the scope of work we are to provide
  • Verify if materials and project need to be LEED, FSC, Low VOC, Fire-rated, Bonds, Etc.
  • Verify any special finishes and the specific finish requirements.
  • Do your due diligence in getting current hard quotes for all materials and subs to be used
  • Review drawings quickly to highlight SOW for us and our subs, sending request to bid to our subs in enough time to allow them to do a good take off also.
  • Be responsible for creating a profitable project for I.W.S. using realistic mfg time and mark ups

Major responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Time manage your projects and be sensitive to the lead times that your subs need to provide accurate estimates.
  • Develop a process that allows for a complete understanding of our SOW
  • Set up a computer folder for bid and download all drawings, specs, etc.
  • Utilize the Blue Beam (PDF) program to highlight plans, bookmark the drawings and specs
  • Create computer and hardcopy folders that allow for paper trail on quotes and e-mails
  • Document all pre-bid RFI’s and Addendums for later reference
  • Your down-line customer is our “project manager”, create details in OneNote that makes their job as smooth as possible
  • Once awarded the project, if a new set of construction documents are released; it is the estimators job to review the construction set and make change orders up to the point that a contract is awarded
  • You are responsible for a clean and detailed “Hand Off” between yourself and the Pre-con team. Everything you have learned on the project must be developed into a precise and comprehensive review as to limit everyone’s time allotment.
  • Come to the “Hand Off” meeting with highlighted drawings, details as to the elevations and how you envisioned building the project. Outline the specialty materials and note any long lead items.
  • Be able to show via the book marked drawings and specs where the details are and what our SOW included.
  • Continually educate yourself on materials being used in industry and how we can create more with less
  • Use the numerous General Contractors Share Points to access and download project documents
  • Demonstrate effective skills at communication and time management
  • Develop relationships and rapport with specific GC’s, Architects and Customers
  • Understand the FSC, LEED and special conditions of each project.



Posted On: Thursday, June 16, 2022

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