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Executive Solutions Ltd. - Calgary , AB, Canada

Who our client is and what's important to them:

For over a decade our physical security client has been transforming customer experiences with smart, experienced, and super friendly staff. They are passionate about incredible client touch points, people and providing a level of customer service not seen in the security industry! As a security service provider with exceptionally trained, highly engaged, empowered and customer-driven personnel they expect a lot!

This is a small, tight knit, high-output office, with eight full-time staff and over 800 part-time staff. All of whom hold the company’s values at their core; customer service, safety, communication, honesty and smiling. The office operates Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and their clients operate 24/7/365; you will find the right balance between the two to optimize success in the role.


Who you are (what’s going to make you successful):

Hunter - you get out there and work it - HARD!

Passionate about customer experiences - mediocrity is NOT an option for you, your tenacity gets you the sale!

Emotionally and Intellectually intelligent - you have a knack for reading people and are well versed in a variety of arenas.

WELL connected in the Calgary security market - your "rolodex" is one everyone would give their left arm for.

Personable/Affable - your reputation as a connector and relationship builder/cultivator is known throughout the city.

Balanced - your toolbox is filled with a variety of tools - sales, creativity, wordsmithing, negotiation, closing, innovation (to name a few).

HIGH energy - you thrive under pressure - COFFEE, not blood, courses through YOUR veins!

You will effectively expose service offerings to new and existing clients, and drive revenue growth initiatives. You are an affable, confident, and detail driven performer who craves customer touch points.

Your focus will be:

  • Expand the company’s client base into new industries,
  • Turn prospects into long term clients, and
  • Initiating innovative retention strategies.


You are more than just a sales/account “manager” – you are a relationship builder! Customer retention is at the core of how you do business; you will be responsible for cultivating new relationships and driving selling opportunities.

You’re a great time manager that will make good decisions about how you use your days to maximize the success of the role. You are tenacious, committed, enjoy working with small teams, and crave the opportunity to generate results.

You love being overstimulated with information, deadlines, and thrive under pressure. People are REALLY important to you, interacting with a wide range of personalities gives you energy. You’re a good communicator, you’re honest, empathetic, and have a KNACK for creating long-term, quality relationships.

You will manage up to and work closely with a passionate owner, helping to make organizational decisions that fuel the growth of an established business, well positioned to grow. You will be the key driving force for new revenue, collaborating with ownership and marketing to guide the sales direction of the business.

 Things you’ll do (the Nitty Gritty):

  • Maintain efficient and effective communication within the team, including finance, HR, and ownership
  • Generate new business opportunities
  • Nurture key revenue account relationships
  • Conduct professional, purposeful, and regular interactions with clients
  • Monitor market conditions and identify opportunities for business development or changes required to maintain market competitiveness
  • Collaborate with Marketing to drive sales through traditional and digital channels
  • Recommend strategies or solutions to drive revenue growth, reach target objectives, mitigate market risk, and improve customer relations
  • Write and submit professional proposals

 Things you like:

  • Meeting new people
  • Writing proposals
  • Details
  • Phone calls
  • Good, accurate reporting
  • Juggling
  • Continuing education
  • Thinking big, rolling up your sleeves, and wearing multiple hats

Good skills and experience to have:

  • 5+ years of SECURITY business development experience
  • Proficiency with Apple computer environments
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office 365
  • Post-secondary education – desirable but not mandatory
  • A track record of working with teams and building positive relationships
  • Experience influencing and collaborating with others in order to break down barriers to introducing new strategies or technology - internally and externally

If you meet all of the above requirements, and believe this is the role for you, we look forward to hearing from you! Send your resume to: resume@executivesolutions.ca

Posted On: Friday, May 27, 2022

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