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Freight & Logistics Manager

ExtendMyTeam - Austin, TX

The Freight & Logistics Manager will be responsible for operational efficiencies related but not limited to 3PL operations within warehouse locations including onboarding new sites and entities, management of the full logistics network including inbound and outbound volume with brokers and asset-based carriers, critical KPIs and benchmark development around truck and lane utilization, order efficiencies, and lead time management. Additionally, it will be critical for this role to create value in terms of rate reductions with freight costs and lead time reduction with critical partners. This position will also be tasked to lead various ad-hoc projects and initiatives while working closely with senior leadership.


  • Bachelor's degree (BA) from a four-year college or university or equivalent
  • 3-5 years of experience in transportation, logistics, and or warehouse management
  • Desire to work cross-functionally with a high degree of positive intent
  • Strong project management skills
  • Well developed written and oral communication skills
  • High level of composure and self-management skills in order to demonstrate calmness under pressure since the job frequently involves stressful situations
  • Sound analytical skills in order to identify problems and come up with solutions or recommendations
  • Good negotiation skills in order to arrive at agreements that benefit the company or organization
  • Particular attention to details in order to avoid mistakes and ensure operations are carried out successfully
  • Sound and adequate educational background, which involves having a Bachelor’s degree in transportation, business, supply chain, and other fields related to logistics with several years of professional experience.

The Freight & Logistics Manager reports to the VP of Operations based out of Austin, TX headquarters. The key responsibilities and duties of this position include, but are not limited to:


  • Ensuring that goods are efficiently transported, and they are delivered to where they are meant to be on time
  • Liaising with vendors in order to come up with the best and cheaper price possible on materials and transportation services
  • Recruiting and hiring new workers while also overseeing the activities of staff in order to ensure that operations flow smoothly
  • Managing budgets by making ends meet which involves keeping a careful eye on costs and finding a cheaper way to transport goods
  • Looking out for ways to improve transportation processes. For example, redesigning how a warehouse is arranged in order to make it easier for loads to be arranged and placed into trucks
  • Monitoring inventory by coming up with new ideas or innovations on how the organization can sell more products and how customer demands can be accurately satisfied
  • Maintaining good and healthy relationships with staff, customers, or vendors and seeking feedback from customers in order to ensure their satisfaction
  • Keeping track of timetables and costs.

Posted On: Friday, June 10, 2022

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