Sr. Software Engineer

Fabrinet West - Santa Clara, CA


* At least 5 years working experiences of software development related to Automatic Control Systems, images processing or computer vision.

*Proficiency in software platform for Visual Studio, LabVIEW and Matlab.

*Creating an automation operation or test plan and getting approval.

*Good skills for developed software corresponding to mathematical models of existing systems.

*Good knowledge based for advance searching or optimization algorithm for example hill climbing, perturbation and observation method, gradient descent or simplex algorithm.

*Familiar with Camera active alignment and has experience to deploy AA algorithm for NPI and Mass Production.

* Basic optics knowledge and measurements systems.

Capable to analyze test data with statistic tools (e.g. EXCEL, Minitab, etc.)

* Good collaborative and presentation skills, working in multi functional team.

* Ability to deliver under deadlines and committed to deliver.

Description: For AA Algorithm Development Engineer, the person will need to:

*Develop software for characterization, measurement systems, and closed loop operation of optical module in the term of maximum power of light transferring between both particular objects.

*Develop software algorithms for active alignment.

*Develop softwarefor NPI adn deployed to MASS production.

*Result data process and analysis.

* Algorithm or Software optimization to improve production efficiency and yield/

*Provide onsite technical support to suppliers.


Education & Experience:

*BS/MS in computer, control, electrons, mechanistic engineering or equivalent.

*BS/MS in computer science, software, image processing or equivalent.


Posted On: Monday, May 4, 2020

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