Optical Operator (Clean Room)

Fabrinet West - Santa Clara, CA, United States


Assemble, mark/label, encapsulate, grind/polish, etc. various sub-assemblies in the module department..



1. Accurately follow all provided procedures, processes, work instructions, engineering and manufacturing documentation and training provided.

2. Accurately document work accomplished via provided product and sub-assembly travelers. Fill out all required forms, logs, etc.

3. Prepare optical fibers which includes but is not limited to cutting, stripping, ferruling, bonding, cleaving, polishing and operator inspections.

4. Prepare lensing which includes but is not limited to abrading, cleaning, sub-assembly, centering, bonding and pull testing.

5. Prepare receptacle housings for PD and PIN/TIA modules.

6. Encapsulate products/subassemblies using various materials including but not limited to those that are cured via ultra-violet light sources.

7. Mark/label various products and/or sub-assemblies with part numbers, date codes and/or serial numbers as directed.

8. Maintain working bench, tools and equipment in good condition. Assure that working tools and equipment are within calibration dates.

9. Report any deficiencies, problems, doubts or situations encountered on the job that may affect not only quality but also working conditions, safety, etc. to supervisor.

10. Push, pull, lift, tote, sort, pile, stack and otherwise handle material as required.



1. Observe all company and departmental safety procedures, instructions, warnings, cautions, notices, etc.

2. Observe all Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) procedures and requirements (handling, storage, etc.)

3. Assist in additional assignments commensurate with the above as directed by the supervisor to obtain maximum realization of departmental objectives.

4. Familiar with wire bonding and die bonding is a plus.



• Excellent dexterity with small tools (hand cutters, tweezers, screwdrivers, etc.)

• Good color vision, correctable 20/20 vision.

• Good hearing, excellent hand/eye coordination

• Ability to work under a microscope.

Posted On: Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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