Program Manager (Jr.)

Fabrinet West - Santa Clara, CA

Job Purpose:

The Program Manager (Jr.) will be mainly responsible for managing the program implementation of a customer’s product through the contract manufacturing process; smaller accounts. You will also be responsible for assigned projected planning, scheduling and oversight of hardware fabrication efforts, and ensure contractual deliveries are made on time and within budget.

Key Responsibilities:

The Program Manager (Jr.) will:

  1. Analyze and understand customer strategies, future product plans, and expansion activities to develop penetration strategies for new business opportunities
  2. Expertly cultivate customer relationships, develop & deliver effective
  3. Effectively brief and leverage senior executives on strategy and tactics to enhance customer relationships and consummate deals
  4. Establish, communicate, and hold direct and matrix team accountable for proposal objectives and deliverable to maximize operating profit and revenue growth
  5. Top Level shortage reports / CTB status reporting
  6. Capacity planning and establishing realistic commits. For example, the number of SMT starts can be supported per day or per week.
  7. Managing build priorities internally & with customer
  8. Manages process readiness
  9. Expediting units between work cells, test stations; Must be present on the manufacturing floor to expedite builds
  10. Resolving internal resource constraints
  11. Providing customer real-time status updates
  12. Escalating need for support internally and externally to resolve issues slowing down builds
  13. Timely and accurate daily build status reporting
  14. Coordinates workflow between front end (SMT) and back end (MA and test)
  15. Ensuring that performance on key business metrics achieves business objectives (revenue growth, margin performance, cost management/PPV, inventory turns, AR management, etc.) Understanding P&L.
  16. Ensuring that performance on key customer satisfaction metrics achieves customer objectives (price performance, on-time delivery, quality, etc.)
  17. Coordination of customer priorities with factory priorities.
  18. Proactively providing feedback on opportunities for continuous improvement, based on having a solid understanding of engineering and manufacturing processes.
  19. Interfacing with the customer at a high level and being able to successfully manage key revenue programs

Job Qualifications:

Education: Bachelor’s degree required, or equivalent to industry

Experience: +1 years / CM Environment


  1. Dynamic builder of relationships with customers.
  2. Well versed in all MS Office applications.

Required Training:

Interpersonal and communication skills

Job Competencies:

  1. An effective communicator with customers, executives, peers, and subordinates.
  2. Demonstrate alacrity, attention to detail and effectiveness.

Posted On: Friday, November 9, 2018

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