Production Planner

Fabrinet West - Santa Clara, CA

Job Purpose

Follows up the demand forecast from all customers for Factory Master Schedule to concerned department for manufacturing planning such as manpower, equipment capacity, materials, revenue etc. Support the organizational goals in achieving total customer satisfaction.

Key Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for directing and coordinating material flow that support the production plan and inventory position for Customer program.

2.Interface with purchasing to expedite and escalate problem parts that support the production plan.

3.Understanding supply chain for their customer(s), and maintain the design based on contractual obligations, and applicable policies and procedures, resulting in On-Time Delivery and Customer satisfaction.

4.Review all customers demand, based on contractual planning parameters, prior to entry into ERP system. Perform material and capacity constraint analysis of Customer demand. Determine acceptable Master Production Schedule to ensure work orders start on time in support of customer's demand.

5.Maintain the work orders and release work orders based on material and capacity availability with feedback from purchasing and manufacturing. Communicate schedule changes with Customer Focus Team.

6. Issue Factory Master Schedule Report to management review and release to concerned department.

7. Provide Master Schedule comparison report.

8. Know your customer's expectations and drive section to meet them.

9. Perform other duties as properly assigned by supervisor/leader.

Job Qualifications:
Education: B.A/B.S or equivalent
Experience: +5 years in EMS industry
Skill: Have a working knowledge of BOM Structures, MRPII, ERP, SAP, APICS concepts
Required Training: Communication skills, Negotiation skills

Job Competencies:

Interpersonal and communication skills, Presentation skills

Posted On: Friday, October 4, 2019

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