Information Systems Specialist

FieldBridge Energy - Houston, TX

12 month project

1st 6 months - 40 hours/week
2nd 6 months - approx 25-30 hours/week

BIS support

Key responsibilities

Power BI: The Business intelligence tool deployed within the Company and CI. This is used to pool together project data across different functions, across the Group. The report cluster centered around the CI dataset is named ‘Power CI’
Work With Team To Develop New Ways To Visualize Data: As we collect a critical amount of data, new visuals are being sought after. Use the dataset available in the different Power CI modules to develop different ways of visualizing the data.
Dataset Maintenance: Keep the Power CI Datasets updated and verify update quality. Even with the amount of data validation that goes into the inputs to the Power CI dataset, there is still chance of invalid or incorrect data. Analyze the dataset for inconsistencies as we collect new data month-to-month

CIMS (CI Management System):
Library and Tools Upkeep: Assist in the day to day maintenance of the Library and the key tools within. Using AODocs and the Library Index, support the revision process by managing the draft revisions handed to the document owners to update.
CIMS 5.0 Document Updates: Assist in updating document in format, validating form and cross references, and keep track of the changes.
Upgrade Library filing system: From Awesome Tables to newly developed Group solution ‘SuperTables’
Intranet Site Upgrade to Lumsites
Inventory Existing Site Pages: In 2019-20, CI will transition its intranet site to the new Air Liquide Group intranet platform, Lumsites. As a first step, inventory all existing pages and content, which we will then prepare, in conjunction with the CI Hubs, to migrate to the new platform
Work with CIG and Hubs to collect historical and new content: Engage with the CI Hubs to collect historical content (News, Announcements, etc) and encite new content with the aim of keeping the CI portal fresh

Inventory E-learnings: Develop an active E-learning index of the currently active material within LMS, Classroom, and other trainings
Update E-learning media-type: Convert any legacy training formats (Flash) to new platform (HTML5) and apply new AL theme. Using Storyline, the AL application for distributed training development, convert the CI e-learning catalog to prepare for the deprecation of the old platform.
[Stretch] Bring Up To Date Any Trainings That Need Update For Content: As a stretch initiative, while E-learning content is being converted to the new HTML5 type, work with the functional owners to determine if any critical content updates need to be applied, to bring the material up to date with the current organization and mandate

General Document Management
Work as administrative contact for Shared Drive / AODocs administration for CIG / EMI

Potential Activities:
LEAN Specs & Standards Digital Library / Portal
Could assist the day-to-day deployment of document indexing / filing (upwards of a few thousand documents)


Posted On: Thursday, January 23, 2020

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