Technical Solids Control Technician

FieldBridge Energy - Anchorage, AK

FieldBridge Energy is hiring an Technical Solids Control Operators for the Worlds Largest Oilfield Service Company in Alaska.

MUST have in depth Technical knowledge of solid control operations.

Rotation: 3 weeks / 3 weeks

Pay: $23+/hr

All travel expenses paid.


I. Scope of work

Objective of the proposed onsite rig Solids Control Technician is to optimize drilling efficiencies by making a qualified assessment, recommendations and managing the already installed solids control, cuttings & waste processing equipment and systems.The SCT will focus on reducing fluid losses to accommodate the client preferred requirements and outline best case scenarios to reduce solids and trucking cost. They will also examine well programs to determine the optimum solids control processes during well intervals. The result is an integrated drilling and waste management that will help address all the unique needs.


This Scope of work will:

  1. Evaluate, Identify, correct equipment selection, recommend repair & maintenance to ensure maximum containment and solids removal performance.
  2. Provide maximum efficiency of existing equipment.
  3. Review and create procedures to ensure a safe working environment
  4. Deliver maximum separation efficiency and high-efficiency solids removal for optimal fluid recovery,
  5. Reduced dilution rates for maximum fluid reuse,
  6. Reduction in fluid haul-off,
  7. Lower drilling costs through minimization of NPT
  8. Advise location on solids control equipment correct operation.
  9. Provide and advise rig on solids control equipment preventative maintenance schedules
  10. Provide solids control training for crews



  1. Impact performance and assessment of the following areas to determine the risks and make recommendations for improvement:
    1. Shale shaker area
    2. Centrifuge equipment
    3. Sand trap area
    4. Flowline
    5. Trip tank
    6. Mud pit room
    7. Mud mixing area
  1. Identify all lines and recommend which are blocked or left open to ensure drilling operations perform unimpaired. Mud pit dumps and master valves are an importance.
  2. Review the rig site specific procedures relating to handling, treatment and containment of drilling fluid, base fluid, and OBM to ensure best practice consistent with minimum environmental impact.
  3. Review the solids control equipment configuration and make recommendations for improved performance.


  4. II. Deliverables/KPI


    • Utilize testing process and protocol for measurements to achieve consistent and accurate data
    • Utilize and revise as necessary the reporting template to be used to present the data daily or as required
    • Optimize drilling efficiencies of the already installed Solids Control & waste containment processing system
      1. Optimize Centrifuge bowl speed and feed rate for each hole section
      2. Maximizing screen selection, usage, and deck angles for each hole section
    • Reducing fluid losses of the scope of work to accommodate the client preferred requirements
    • Reduce solids and trucking cost
      1. Cutting waste volume per bbl. hole drilled
    • Determine the optimum solids control processes to meet specific cost,
    • Improve operational and environment requirements.
    • Work closely with Drilling Fluids Specialist to help supplement their daily reports
      1. Instruct involved personnel to ensure understanding and proper execution of solids control testing processes and protocol


        Report Formats


        Daily reports compiled detailing the work carried out and including recommendations & modifications necessary to achieve the above goals.The following provides an overview of the report deliverables.


        Daily Report General Information

      2. Client-contractor details
      3. Rig details and location
      4. Locations-Equipment surveyed and managed
      5. Full overview of recommendations for improvements for the Solids Control and Waste Management systems with validations, in accordance to the Scope of work supplied in the above.
      6. Averages – Operating Parameters
      7. Waste Management / Interval
      8. Average Fluid Properties
      9. Charts
        1. LGS by depth
        2. PV/YP by Depth
        3. Days Vs Depth
        4. Drill Solids % by depth
        5. Total HGS/LGS discarded
    “VEVRAA Federal Contractor. Priority referral of vets requested. An Equal Opportunity Employer: females, minorities, veterans, disabled and other protected groups.”

Posted On: Saturday, January 25, 2020

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