Quantitative Research Analyst

Galaxy Technology Hires LLC - Chicago, IL

Our client, one of the most prestigious leading global market makers, is looking to grow its team of QR Analysts within the Systematic Futures/Equities Market Making team.

QR/QR Analyst (Data Pipeline Development):


Key Focus:

  • Develop a scalable, validated data process around common sim inputs and workflows
  • Design anomaly detection setup for programmatically validating sim input data
  • Build and maintain shared tools to facilitate interaction with sim


Baseline Skillset:

  • BS / MS in Computer Science
  • 1-3 years work experience
  • Significant experience with Python ( focus on working with data )
  • Familiarity with C++ (i.e. ability to read and understand C++ codebase)
  • Significant stats background to facilitate building out anomaly detection process



  • Prior experience creating / maintaining ETL processes
  • Experience with Databases (SQL / PostgreSQL)
  • Experience with Airflow
  • Familiarity with market microstructure

Posted On: Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Position Contact
Brandon Garrett
President and Founder

Brandon Garrett is a recruiting leader that has been in the business for over 15 years. He has successfully built teams for some of the most high-caliber, cutting edge companies in the world. He has successfully recruited top-notch engineers, scientists and technical professionals within 6 of 7 continents across the globe. Some of his ambitious recruits are currently working on technology that will explore other planets and systems among our solar system, as well as launch and carry humans to Mars, leading humanity to the next giant step in evolution, of becoming a multi-planetary species.

Feel free to contact Brandon directly regarding this opening at: brandon@galaxytekhires.com

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