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Operate school buses under all types of weather conditions including, but not limited to the sun, fog, rain, sleet, hail, snow, and ice. Transport students and other authorized persons on "to and from" school routes in regular, special education, vocational, or extracurricular trips as authorized by the local school system. Employees in this class are responsible for following various assigned routes and schedules in the safe and efficient operation of a school bus.


PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: (Asterisk for essential job duties.)

Successfully complete school bus driver training program and courses as prescribed by the state and local boards of education. (*)

  1. Operate the school bus in a safe and efficient manner. (*)
  2. Conduct thorough pre-trip and post-trip inspection of the school bus and its special equipment. (*)
  3. Maintain orderly conduct of student passengers. (*) Report unsafe acts or conditions.
  4. Operate the school bus in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia and the policies of the State and local boards of education. (*)
  5. Conduct emergency evacuation drills as required by the local school system. (*)
  6. Communicate effectively and professionally with school staff and the public.
  7. Complete legible, accurate and required reports in the prescribed manner and on a timely basis.
  8. Provide maximum safety for passengers while on the bus and during loading and unloading. (*)
  9. May transport students on field trips and outings.
  10. May be assigned to transport wheelchair-bound students. The driver will assist such students in boarding the bus, work lift equipment and secure the wheelchair for transport as per current safety procedures.

  11. Clean and service the school bus which includes sweeping, washing, fueling, checking oil and coolant levels, etc., to the extent prescribed by the local school system. Report needed repairs. (*)

  12. Perform other duties as directed by the local school system.
  13. Maintain routes and schedules as planned by the local school system personnel.
  14. Report any hazards along the existing route to the appropriate school official.

  15. Operates assigned school bus in compliance with state and county laws, School Board policy and Department of Education regulations (Speed, stopping at RR crossing, pre-trip inspection, use of lights, use of seat belt, etc.).(*)

  16. Takes precautions to avoid accidents.
  17. Loads and discharges students only at proper bus stops. (*)
  18. Works with principals in dealing with discipline problems on the school bus.
  19. Assists students who become ill: clean up as required.
  20. Reports all accidents immediately to the local police and TransportationOffice.
  21. Complete pre- and post-trip inspections of the bus. Checks gas, oil, and water daily. Responsible for the appearance of the assigned vehicle and for reporting mechanical defects upon detection to repair shop.


  22. Keeps records of the operation of the bus and submits required reports: compiles and submits accident report information and reports prolonged traffic delays.
  23. Attends local safety meetings as held by the State Department or local transportation department.
  24. The employee shall carry out such other and further duties, whether specifically listed above or not, as are assigned or required by such employee’s supervisor, other appropriate school personnel, law, board policy, administrative regulation, department handbook, as are reasonably necessary to the efficient operation of the school system and its mission.


Have the knowledge, abilities, and skills necessary to perform effectively in the position. Knowledge of traffic and highway safety rules and regulations and precautions to avoid traffic accidents.

Knowledge of the local street and road system. Working mechanical knowledge of school bus in order to complete pre- and post-trip inspection of equipment as required by state commercial driver’s license requirements, or ability to rapidly acquire such knowledge. Ability to operate a school bus in the safe and efficient transportation of children. Ability to read and write, communicate orally, understand and carry out written and oral instructions, maintain effective control over groups of children, and work harmoniously with children and others. Ability to read and follow a road map. Ability to drive any size or type school bus in the fleet.



Minimum of two years driving experience with an acceptable record (does not have to be a school bus). No addiction to the use of intoxicating liquor or narcotic drugs. Successfully complete a pre-employment drug test. Mental and emotional stability, which ensures normal driving competency and efficiency. Appearance and personality. Good moral character.


Must possess a valid Commercial Driver's License in either Class A or B with the proper P (passenger) and S (school bus) endorsements. Must pass a training program as prescribed by the Georgia Department of Education. Must pass a physical examination by a licensed Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy prior to the date of employment in accordance with the approved examination (DE Form 0514) prescribed by the State Board of Education

Posted On: Monday, May 13, 2019
Compensation: $13.00

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