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Senior Backend Developer

Hamilton Porter LLC - Arlington, VA

Chance to be a founding member of an Engineering Team to an early-stage start-up!

In partnership with an extremely promising early-stage start-up, Hamilton Porter has the privilege of being able to offer an amazing opportunity for a Senior Back End Developer. Would you be interested in working for a company that is working on changing the game in the mobile rideshare marketplace? Our client is an early-stage start-up with a SaaS business model that has the potential to unlock some legal and driver side issues currently plaguing reputable industry market leaders such as Uber and Lyft. We believe we have devised a business model, that will empower both the drivers and the passengers, while all together bypassing the legal ramifications that are currently getting Uber and Lyft vetoed from many regions.

Huge opportunity for a talented Senior Back End Developer looking for a chance to take ownership of back end development while supporting a product offering, with a huge targeted audience ultimately looking to solve legal issues to an already proven product offering.

Day to Day:

As a Senior Back End Developer, you will be collaborating with a dynamic team of seasoned Engineers, working together to develop and maintain a consumer-facing SaaS product. You will be responsible for building and consuming RESTful APIs and have the chance to develop software in an AWS or Google Cloud environment.

Skills Required:

  • 5 - 8 + years of experience working as a Back End Developer
  • Experience building and consuming REST or RESTful APIs
  • Avid problem solver with a strong understanding of either C#, NodeJS, Python or Java technology
  • Knowledge of NoSQL databases (MongoDB)
  • Proficiency with Javascript is a huge plus
  • Software development exposure to Azure, AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions is strongly preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree (preferably in computer science)
  • Would love to see links to Github accounts, or previous start-up experience, or similar industry experience supporting a rideshare on-demand delivery service offering

Perks of the job:

  • Early-stage company Equity (ranging upwards to 2.0%)
  • Competitive Salary with Medical Benefits, Dental, and vision
  • Enjoy the opportunity to work in a fun, intimate, office culture
  • Chance to be a founding engineer joining a company of extremely talented and impressive fellow Engineers, inspiring and smart-servant leaders, and seasoned founders.
  • But lastly, while we are looking for top talent this is a group of genuine people who love what they do and happen to be very good at it but are ultimately motivated with a chance to make a difference in the world through their craft

Posted On: Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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