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Come work in Indiana! We are hiring a Corporate Controller to oversee all operations of accounting specifically USA Taxes, monitor and maintain fiscal accountability and financial stability of our organization in a fast-paced multi faceted organisation. The candidate will be working with an Executive team of demanding workaholics focused on real-time reporting of the financial status of the business as a whole and subsidiary divisions. Your work will directly impact strategic decisions made by company Executives on a daily basis.

If you are passionate about your profession, we want to hear from you. A successful candidate will balance a practical mindset with creative business acumen and lead people through complex accounting and business operations.

***Relocation package***

  • Certified CPA

  • Corporate Tax and proficient in Corporate Tax codes

  • Quick with numbers and turnaround with reports

  • Journal entries, bank reconciliations, and analysis of general ledger account

  • Prepare and analyze weekly and monthly financial reports for managers

  • Savy in Finance


100k-130k plus benefits, bonuses and relocation package!

Position Contact
Jackie Pollak
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