Operations Manager

Hawk Staffing - Middletown , NY

Job Summary:

An eCommerce retail company is looking for an Operations Manager. The Operations Manager’s responsibilities include launching new products and run the operations with utmost efficiency to ensure company goals are met.

Job Responsibilities:

• Launching new products on Amazon/eCommerce & product maintenance with the inclusion of all product details to increase product success.

• Manage the development of advertising including PPC & SEO.

• Manage future and existing assigned products, create milestones, set objectives, and report on team performance.

• Manage the Amazon account with the inclusion of LTSF, feedback, A-Z claims, reimbursements, shipment creation, high defect products, reviews, etc. to ensure company goals are met.

• Manage the replenishing order process.

• Ensure revenue, and customer satisfaction goals are met.

• Perform in-depth periodic product analysis and optimize as needed.

• Supervise and manage warehouse productivity, FBA, and own warehouse, with the inclusion of receiving, picking, packaging, inventory, and delivery.

• Participate in cross-functional teams to execute product development plan and drive incremental revenue.

• Educate team on performance metrics, insights, and how to achieve greater results on Amazon/eCommerce.

• Lead & manage the operations team to ensure the process is efficient.

• Create periodical sales reports [weekly, monthly, quarterly] and ensure financial product goals are met.


Skills Required:

• Team development and capacity to build cohesiveness among team

• Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and healthy communication skills

• Adept at planning and great strategizing capabilities

• Growth-minded and ability to contribute to process improvement, invent and simplify within existing processes to increase efficiency

• Prior Amazon experience

• Excel proficiency

• Ability to hire employees as needed


Core Values:

• Humbly confident

• Assertive

• Goal-oriented

Position Contact
Ephraim Eisenberg
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