CAD Designer

Heartland Staffing Solutions - Lincoln, NE

Job description:

Generate models and approval/fabrication documentation from customer supplied information. Work both independently and as a team member to accomplish goals in an efficient manner, while maintaining quality of work consistent with company standards and practices. Daily interaction with customers, both internal and external, is required, as is conducting ones’ self in a polite and helpful fashion to ensure all goals are met. Responsible for determining which software, 2D or solid modeling, is proper for a given project. Be available to help determine proper course of action to resolve any quality issues that may arise, both in the shop or the field. Able to function in both the office and shop environments safely and with respect for other persons work areas and spaces.

Basic skills/abilities:

Can communicate concepts/conflicts both verbally and in print; email, notes, reports, etc….

Perform tasks in a timely fashion.

Maintain project focus during multiple design changes/alterations/running revisions.

Able to work from field measurements, hand sketches, prints, and other visual and written data.

Should be able to adequately take and record field dimensions and notes.

Good 3D visualization ability.

Ability to work efficiently in a quick turnaround environment.

1-2 years of experience with Solidworks.

Fluent in 2D cad; Autocad, Draftsight, or equivalent.

Basic math skills; addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

Be able to pass hands on proficiency tests relating to simple 2D cad, and basic Solidworks functions.

Preferred experience and education:

Associates degree/certificate in Computer Aided Drafting/Design

Basic knowledge of steel construction, fabrication, materials, and methods.

3-4 years Solidworks experience.

Working knowledge of sheetmetal and weldments features internal to Solidworks.

Able to perform simple algebra and trigonometry.

Preferred Certifications:

Solidworks CWSA, CSWP

Solidworks CWSPA-Sheetmetal

Solidworks CWSPA-Weldment

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Posted On: Friday, January 31, 2020
Compensation: $17.00 and Up DOE

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