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CTO/Lead Engineer

Hire Tomorrow, LLC - Austin, TX

Lead Engineer

This is the first in-house engineering hire with the opportunity to grow and lead over time. We are looking for a lead engineer to architect and develop the entire software stack and lead development on the backend API and infrastructure, as well as manage all dev ops. You will be responsible for managing the entire development lifecycle and liaising with the product team on product direction. You will have full discretion in the technologies used per the requirements laid out by the product team. The position will work closely with the COO and the CEO, who have both had previous exits to fortune 500 CPG companies in the consumer health space in the US.

General Product Overview

The product currently consists of the following stack;

Front-End; Webflow, Custom customer facing dashboard, Hubspot, Scheduling and survey tools, Facebook and Google marketing tools.

Back-End; Javascript, NodeJS running on serverless architecture, PostgreSQL database, AWS and integrations with custom admin dashboard for patient and physician reporting,

Other Integrations; Third-party EHR software provider with API’s.


  • Architect optimal software stack based on requirements laid out by the product team.
  • Lead development of backend API and operational infrastructure (i.e. Hipaa compliant AWS).
  • Take ownership of the entire development lifecycle with agile-based development sprints.
  • Work with the CEO and COO to ensure optimal UX across the entire software solution.

Minimum Requirements

  • 3+ years experience in developing RESTful APIs using server side scripting languages such as NodeJS, Java.
  • 3+ years experience architecting database schemas in MySQL, Postgres or comparable systems.
  • 1+ years experience in leveraging cloud service providers to scale large web apps. Current provider is AWS.

Preferred Requirements

  • Experience working in eCommerce.
  • Experience working in the healthcare industry is a plus, specifically related to HIPAA compliance.
  • Experience or desire to work in an entrepreneurial environment with small teams is required.

Posted On: Friday, November 11, 2022

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