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Applications Development Scientist

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We are looking for highly motivated and creative scientists to join our Applications Development team and drive forward our varied bioR&D. The Applications Development team is responsible for conceptualising, developing, and optimising biology-focussed applications that run on the Nanoimager platform. This involves working across a diverse range of biological fields in order to identify the most promising areas for development and then bring them to fruition. The cornerstone of this work is advanced fluorescence microscopy, particularly dSTORM and other super-resolution methods, and so involves substantial innovation around the biology and chemistry of sample handling, preparation, and acquisition for imaging. We also work very closely with the other R&D teams internally, such as the Hardware and Software teams, in order to identify physical or analytical tools that are needed to realise our applications’ potential, and to test these tools as they are built.

The aim for all our applications is that they advance human knowledge and health by facilitating the work of researchers and healthcare providers. We listen carefully to our customers and leaders in relevant fields, and structure our work around their needs. We require scientists who are highly motivated and ambitious to deliver solutions to such needs, who can listen carefully and understand our users, and who can work creatively to solve problems that currently stifle research. Career progression is limited only by your own motivation and capabilities and we actively encourage our team members to become involved in many aspects of this young business to gain a fully rounded set of skills.


  • Develop and validate new methods for sample preparation and image acquisition/analysis using our Nanoimager platform

  • Consolidate and refine such methods into applications that can be launched as consumable products, helping to direct the shape and content of such products

  • Coordinate with the commercial arm of the company to identify key user needs and propose technical solutions to customer problems

  • Test and provide user-oriented feedback on tools developed by other R&D teams

  • Work within a highly collaborative and dynamic team as an intellectually invested member

  • Adhere to project timelines, coordinate multiple projects and prioritize work accordingly

  • Maintain accurate and reliable record keeping including database management, batch records, notebooks, and all other pertinent documentation

  • Take initiative to solve problems with big ideas and creative solutions

  • Contribute positively to our mission beyond your immediate projects - e.g. providing technical advice/support to the wider company, promoting an exciting work culture, stimulating innovation in other teams etc.


  • Worked in a strong research environment for fluorescence microscopy (in either academia or industry)

  • Demonstrated your research success to the field/industry (e.g. through publications, patents, conference presentations etc.)

  • Worked as part of a close team to deliver ambitious results together

  • Contributed creatively and intellectually to the success of your projects

  • Extensive research background in molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, physics, or chemistry

  • Extensive practical experience in fluorescence microscopy, including sample preparation, image acquisition, and data analysis

  • Solid theoretical background in varied imaging techniques, particularly super-resolution techniques such as dSTORM, PALM, and PAINT

  • Highly creative and ambitious mindset

  • Ability to lead projects, grow them with novel insight, and share motivation about them

  • Strong cultural alignment and excellent people skills

  • Excellent record-keeping and data-handling skills

  • Ability to work as part of a dynamic team

  • Strong understanding of optics and microscope design

  • Prior experience of application/assay development

  • Deep domain knowledge in a specific area of biology or biochemistry; preferably immunology, extracellular vesicle biology, oncology, virology, developmental biology, genetics/epigenetics, or pathology

  • Strong understanding of imaging data analysis

Posted On: Monday, November 29, 2021

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