Dev Ops Engineer

Hunter Gibbons - Atlanta, GA

ob Duties:

  • Research, plan, schedule, and execute upgrades, configuration changes, and new server/application deployments
  • Research, plan, and deploy upgrades and improvements to production support services, continuous integration, and continuous deployment pipelines/procedures
  • Server monitoring and incident response; ultimately reduce mean time to respond, recover, remediate and repair problems that arise in production
  • Configure and maintain system level and application level monitoring and corresponding automated alerting
  • Containerize commercial and internally built applications using Docker
  • Create and manage development servers for test upgrades utilizing VM snapshots of production servers
  • Test and validate that deployed instance functionality under load and under all OS and browser configurations in use by target customers
  • Write and maintain IT operations procedures to minimize upgrade time frames, reduce upgrade risk, and maximize customer awareness.


Potential candidates will demonstrate the following experience and competencies:

  • Extensive experience as a DevOps Engineer at a Management Consulting firm
  • Bachelor's Degree in a non-business IT related field
  • Jenkins, CI, and CD
  • Linux System Administration experience (3+ years)
  • Source control experience with git
  • Sufficient understanding of commonly used network terms and technologies (IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, ARP, subnetting, CIDR notation, NAT, firewalls, VLANs)
  • Sufficient understanding of commonly deployed network services (DNS, DHCP, OpenLDAP, VPNs, SSH, etc.)
  • Demonstrable experience in Linux system automation using Bash and Python
  • Experience developing web applications to include a server side language, SQL backend, and HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Experience configuring, deploying, and utilizing SQL and NoSQL databases (Postgres, MySQL/Maria, Mongo)
  • Sufficient understanding of SSL/TLS and PKI
  • Docker experience (configuration, development, deployment)

Potential highly valued candidates may also demonstrate the following experience and competencies:

  • A current Security+ or higher CompTIA certification
  • Other relevant certifications
  • RedHat EL (or other EL) System Administration experience (including SELinux)
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment experience
  • Amazon Web Services; hands on experience architecting and deploying an application (EC2, VPC, Redshift, Aurora, IAM, etc.)
  • Programming language knowledge and experience with PHP or Ruby

Posted On: Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Compensation: $110k - $115k

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