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Position: Power Plant (POW) C&I Reliability Superintendent

Department: Operations & Maintenance (OM)

Location: Several Locations, Western Region, Ghana (West Africa)

Report Directly to: Power Plant Manager

Subordinate: C&I Reliability Engineer (1)

Designation Level: Functional Head

Salary: USD each month and start at $4,429.79 a month up to $5,443.79 a month - DOE. With Bonus $1,000 per qtr. (untaxed) for travel back home for ECOWAS citizens.

OBJECTIVE: The C&I (Control & Instrumentation) Reliability Superintendent will be responsible for identifying and managing asset reliability risks that could adversely affect the plant and operations. The C&I Reliability Superintendent will ensure the availability of assets and the overall reliability of the plant (equipment, processes, utilities, facilities, and safety/security systems) through good practices of monitoring and maintenance.




• Operational Leadership: Provide strong leadership to the reliability team to ensure the plant is maintained efficiently and safely. Assist the Plant Manager to develop planned maintenance with the use of CMMS.

• Safety & Compliance: Establish and enforce safety protocols, maintenance procedures, and environmental regulations to maintain a safe and compliant facility.

• Process Optimization: Continuously identify opportunities for process improvement, energy efficiency, and cost reduction.

• Budget Management: Support the Plant Manager to develop and manage the plant's operational budget, including cost control and expenditure forecasting.

• Emergency Response: Develop and maintain emergency response plans and ensure all staff are trained for effective response to incidents.

• Reporting: Support the Plant Manager to prepare regular reports for senior management and the client, detailing plant performance, safety, and compliance metrics.



• Assist the EPC Project Team during the Construction, Installation and Commissioning Phase.

o Review Authorized For Construction drawings (AFCs), P&IDs, and commissioning checklists.

o Review all Red Lines and As Built Drawings.

o Make recommendations to the HSE team to develop strategies to improve health, safety, and environmental standards at all production systems.

o Ensure that warranty and punch list issues are effectively managed after commissioning of the plant.

o Ensure adherence of quality assurance and quality control (QAQC).



• Ensure the reliability and maintainability of installations. Responsible for adhering to the life cycle asset management (LCAM) process throughout the entire life cycle of assets:

o Gas turbine generators.

o Steam turbine generators.

o Combined cycle generation systems.

o Gas regulation and metering Stations.

o Pumps, air compressors, and other rotating equipment.

o Electrical motors.

o Fire suppression systems.

o Fire detection and extinguishing systems.

o Pipe systems, tubbing systems, valves, and pipe fittings.

o Tanks, vessels, pressure vessels, and heat exchangers.

o Boilers, chillers, and heaters.

o All automation and control systems associated with the equipment listed above.

• Responsible for designing, developing, monitoring, and refining an asset maintenance plan that includes:

o Value-added predictive, proactive, preventive, and corrective maintenance tasks.

o Effective utilization of predictive and other non-destructive testing methodologies designed to identify and isolate inherent reliability problems.

o Ensure the optimum utilization of the CCMS.

o Read and interpret blueprints, data sheets and specifications, control and wiring diagrams, list of instruments and signals, list of cables and materials, control loops, architectures and control philosophies, control narratives.

• Provide input to a risk management plan that will anticipate reliability-related and non-reliability-related risks that could adversely impact the plant operations.

• Develop engineering solutions to repetitive failures and all other problems that adversely affect the plant operations (capacity, quality, cost, or regulatory compliance issues):

o Statistical process control.

o Reliability modeling and prediction.

o Fault tree analysis.

o Weibull analysis.

o Six Sigma (6σ) methodology.

o Root cause analysis (RCA) and root cause failure analysis (RCFA).

o Failure reporting, analysis, and corrective action system (FRACAS).

• Work with the operations team to perform analysis of assets including:

o Asset utilization.

o Overall equipment effectiveness.

o Remaining useful life.

o Other parameters that define operating condition, reliability, and costs of assets.

• Provide technical support to the operations team and Plant Manager.

• Apply value analysis to repair/replace, repair/redesign and make/buy decisions.

• Execute predictive and preventive maintenance to eliminate catastrophic failures and unplanned maintenance.

• Act as Plant Manager during his absence.

• Maintain required regulatory documentation.



• Actively contribute to all Purchase and Service Order Agreements relating to the maintenance of plant.

• Actively work with the Plant Manager to manage all Procurement & Logistic agreements for consumable and spare parts.

• Ensure materials are available for planned maintenance, overhauls, and mandatory inspections.



• Understand, monitor, and optimize operating costs within authorized budget.

• Assist in developing plant budget needs.



• Supervise the Reliability Team. Support the Plant Manager to develop and staff the Plant Team.

• Implement training and development program for staff in line with technical and business needs.

• Develop and implement necessary measures to ensure flexible work practices and team building.

• Carry out performance appraisals and development plans with subordinate staff.



• BSc in Control & Instrumentation, Electronic, Mechatronic, or Electrical Engineering.

• Master in Engineering, Business, or Management, is a plus.



• A minimum of 10+ years of experience in oil & gas industry, specifically at power plants.

• A minimum of 7+ years of post-qualification experience and competence in power plant management and reliability processes.

• Familiarity with regulatory requirements for operating plants, including Process Safety Management, OSHA regulations, EPA regulations, EEOC guidelines, and other federal and local requirements.

• Familiarity with Instrumentation and Industrial Automation, Supervision Systems (SCADA and HMI), PLC-PAC programming, and industrial networks.



• Strategic Vision: Drive projects towards improving efficiencies based on processes and procedures.

• Strong Leadership: Ability to deal with technical, financial, and HR issues in a continually changing business environment.

• Flexibility: Ability to operate flexible work practices to achieve optimum results.

• Good Communications: Consistently communicate. Be a good listener and negotiator.

• Ability to engage with different communities, contractors, clients, suppliers, and senior leadership.

• Work Diligently: Manage multiple projects and deliver in a timely manner.

• Training and Development: Accountable for self-development, training, and development of subordinates.

• Optimization: Navigate complexities and uncertainties, and drive efficiency by use of technology.

• Organizational Skills: Excellent planning, organizational and time management skills, and coordinating activities across a wide range of disciplines.


Posted On: Wednesday, May 1, 2024
Compensation: $4,500 to $5,500 USD monthly

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