Digital Design Engineer

Infotech Sourcing - Menlo Park, CA, United States

Job Title: Digital Design Engineer

Location: Menlo Park, CA

Duration: 2+ years W2 with possible extension/conversion

Leading social media company


  • Digital Design Engineer to implement custom logic in ASIC for the company’s AR/VR products and in FPGA for prototyping and research.

  • Areas of interest include Graphics, Audio or Compression.

  • Primary language is SystemVerilog with some HLS where it is effective.


  • Implement and deliver verified RTL blocks given architecture and micro-architecture requirements.

  • Contribute to the architecture and microarchitecture requirements.

  • Support the DV, PD, and Firmware teams to ensure correctness of the delivered RTL.

  • Respond to issues found by engineers running the Lint, CDC, STA, Synthesis, and LEC tools.

  • Support handoff of RTL blocks to prototyping engineers for integrating the delivered RTL into FPGA platforms.

Key Skill Requirements:

  • Experience in RTL coding. Preference for SystemVerilog.

  • Experience with the ASIC development flow from contributing to architecture, through owning micro-architecture and design, to assisting with first bring-up.

  • Experience solving Lint, CDC, STA, Synthesis, and LEC issues.

  • Experience with creating clear documentation and communications among and across the teams.

General Questions:


  • At a high level, describe a recent project you worked on and what your role was on that project.

  • Can you describe the ASIC flow from Architecture to silicon bring-up?

Tech questions:

  • Can you explain the difference between directed testing and constrained random testing, and when during the design phase they are useful?

  • What design techniques can be used to reduce power, and which of those do you have experience implementing?

  • Describe how a bus of signals would be sent from one clock domain to another when the clock domains are asynchronous.

  • How many flip-flops are required to make a counter that can count up to 15? And up to 63?

  • How would you make a counter that could be reused for different count sizes?

Posted On: Thursday, May 2, 2019
Compensation: $116 PER HOUR

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