Program Analyst

Infotech Sourcing - Menlo Park, CA

Job Title: Program Analyst 8408764

Location: Menlo Park

Duration: 5 Months

Duties: Would you like to work with one of most respected open source companies in the world? We are looking for a managed services professional to help maintain high-quality user documentation for some of the projects in our portfolio. You will be working closely with a group of network service engineers, program managers and SME’s to maintain documentation.

Responsible for maintaining the public facing documentation for various Facebook open source projects, including, but not limited to, feature documentation, screenshots and video. Internal documentation for Facebook-only features may be required as well.

Your work may be a continuation of documentation already started, a revamp of existing documentation or brand-new documentation.

Identify the documentation opportunities by collaborating with the SME’s, gathering the document requirements and creating tasks for tech pubs to develop the documentation.

Collaborate between ENS and TechPubs when new wiki-based documentation needs to be developed, modified or migrated to/from other systems-of-record.

Standardize content across platforms and ensure that there is no obsolete documentation.

Monitor the update frequency of the documents and work with OPM’s/Network Engineers to deprecate obsolete documentation.

Analyze the documents to ensure compliance with defined standards and maintaining various documentation platforms.

Manage updates and revisions to numerous documents housed in multiple platforms.

Skills: (1) Markdown (other formats a plus) (2) Ability to quickly grasp technical concepts and make them easy to comprehend in text and picture formats (3) Able to take an existing or new project, understand its scope and direction and use discretion to finish the project in a timely fashion, with some supervision. (4) Ability to understand basic code structure. (5) Proven work experience in managing projects (6) Basic understanding of networking concepts


Posted On: Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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