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Analyst with Rest API and SQL

Duration: 6+ months

Location: San Francisco, CA

  • Fairly technical- needs to understand REST Api’s & have good SQL skills. · Comfortable interacting with services, processing and understanding the responses
  • Works with engineers & architects - "speaks the language" – but also a strong communicator in layman’s / business language
  • Good with "boxes & arrows" / simple arch / system flow diagrams; both reading and drawing
  • Highly organized, strong documenter
  • Documenting existing behavior of services: business logic, data dictionary / attribute definitions, manipulations of data between source system and service (e.g. standardization “Canada” and “CA” to “CA”), function of query params, previously documented but actually unsupported functions, deprecated functions, etc.
  • Surfacing & documenting technical capabilities of external vendors, where appropriate (e.g. Product Feeds consumers)
  • Testing / QA: Evaluation / testing of capabilities delivered by external vendor; validation that services provide the same behavior as the existing ones
  • Writing business logic, attribute definition, etc. requirements for implementation by engineers


Posted On: Monday, November 18, 2019

Tagged: Rest API SQL analyst

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