Facebook - Research Assistant

Infotech Sourcing - Sunnyvale, CA

Job Title: Research Assistant II

Duration: +12 months with the scope of extension or conversion

Job Type: W-2

The main function of a research assistant is to support Facebook's research teams in conducting research studies on topics needed by the business, including client background research, market activity trends, and regulatory changes research. The typical research assistant will be responsible for preparing interview and/or study questions, guiding research subjects and documenting and tracking progress. This job may require some work at other Facebook sites within the Bay Area (<10%).

Job Responsibilities:
• Prepare research questions for studies based on guidance from researchers
• Support researchers and prepare materials as needed for the research project purposes
• Collect data, including physiological and meteorological, for subjects
• Maintain accurate records of study sessions, safeguarding the confidentiality of subjects, as necessary
• Request or acquire equipment or supplies necessary for the project
• Prepare progress reports and summarize data

• Verbal and written communication skills, problem solving skills, attention to detail and interpersonal skills.
• Ability to work independently and manage one’s time.
• Knowledge of project management methodologies and project tracking is a plus
• Ability to collaborate with stakeholders and to interpret and communicate research findings and insights
• Previous experience with computer applications, such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

Posted On: Thursday, May 13, 2021

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