Project Coordinator

Infotech Sourcing - San Francisco, CA

Job Title: Project Coordinator

Duration: 4 months (contract with possible conversion)

Location: San Francisco, CA

Leading Tech Company


Job Description:

We’re looking for a self-motivated and detail-oriented individual to join our team on a contract basis to help launch an exciting new product.

Our new product is currently in pilot phase, meaning it’s early software that is being evaluated by a handful of current customers but is not broadly available. Over the next few months we want to dramatically grow the pilot program, and get a few dozen new companies to use the new product and give us feedback.

That’s where we need your help. We need someone to drive both the outbound process of identifying, coordinating and launching new pilot customers, and the inbound process of coordinating responses to complaints and feature requests. This isn’t a sales job (we’re pitching the new pilot to existing customers, and all the presentations will all be done by the VP of Product for the group).


Key responsibilities include:

  • Identifying potential new pilot customers from amongst our vast list of existing customers, based on established criteria

  • Scheduling initial meetings with them by coordinating with the salespeople and others who already have relationships with the customers

  • Capturing notes and next steps during those initial meetings (the presentation and demo will be done by our VP of Product)

  • Coordinating with legal, licensing, and other teams to answer questions and get the customer live on the new product

  • Soliciting feedback from pilot customers, routing requests and complaints to the right colleague, and ensuring the customers get prompt responses

  • Experience with Google Sheets, and Salesforce platform preferred


You’ll need to be able to move quickly and manage a lot of details on your own, since there are a lot of steps in the process and we’ll be running the process with a lot of customers. However you’ll have plenty of support; We have playbooks written already that lay out all the steps, and others on the team have been doing what you need to do, so they’ll be available to help.

To be successful, you'll need to be self-motivated, able to keep track of lots of details, and willing to execute a very detailed process many times. You'll be working closely with a Vice President of Product Management and a Director of Program Management, who will be very vested in your success. And they're both nice folks!

This is set up as a 40-hour per week job, but if you're the right candidate and can only do 30 hours per week, that could probably work.

Also, since most people involved take a holiday in December, this project will pause for the weeks of December 23 and December 30 (e.g. no work to be done then nor hours to be billed).

Posted On: Wednesday, September 4, 2019

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