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Banking Officer (Sales)

Interfuse Staffing - Jackson, NJ

Basic Qualifications


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Education beyond a High School Diploma or equivalent preferred
  • Specialized banking education/training.


  • Proficient in English, reading, writing, grammar, and mathematics skills.
  • Proficient interpersonal relations, communication, customer service and sales skills.
  • Demonstrated leadership, management, and supervisory skills.
  • Proficient organizational and project management skills.
  • Proficient problem-solving ability.
  • Thorough knowledge of the features and benefits of all bank products and services.
  • Thorough knowledge of bank operating policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of federal banking regulations.
  • Thorough knowledge of branch operations including Teller operations, cash and ATM procedures.
  • Proficient PC skills.
  • Ability to lift fifty (50) lbs. of coin.
  • Visual and auditory skills.


  • A minimum of four (4) years' related experience required.

General Responsibilities

  • Responsible for managing assigned Branch Office in order to meet the financial services needs of customers in the given community market area.
  • Implementing strategies to achieve goals developed for the office as part of the Retail Banking Division's annual operating plan.
  • Ensuring office compliance with operating policies and procedures and outside regulatory requirements.
  • Directly supervising assigned personnel.
  • Communicating with appropriate management and staff personnel.
  • Providing periodic reports.

Essential Duties

  • Manages assigned Branch Office in order to meet the financial services needs of customers in the given community market area.
  • Leads, organizes, and directs all inside and outside sales, branch functions, and business development activities in order to achieve growth, excellent customer service, and profitability for the Bank.
  • Enhances Bank image through friendly, pro-active customer-driven servicing of their needs in support of the goal of exceeding customer expectations.
  • Conducts relationships with customers in a manner that will enhance the overall marketing effort of the Bank.
  • Ensures customer retention as well as growth of the branch and its team.
  • Works with management in establishing growth, sales, and profit objectives for the office; provides input to these objectives and to the manner in which performance will be measured and controlled.
  • Ensures that the branch office is properly staffed to meet customer service needs as well as sales objectives.
  • Ensures all customer service personnel are adequately trained with respect to both product knowledge and sales techniques.
  • Motivates and coaches branch team to ensure the successful development and performance of all employees in areas of customer experience, sales goals, and leadership.
  • Establishes specific sales and customer service goals for each sales representative.
  • Ensures all sales and customer service reporting information is provided on a timely basis.
  • Conducts regularly scheduled sales and customer service meetings.
  • Serves as an active member of the office customer service team and is held accountable for sales performance.
  • Makes "outside" sales and customer service calls on present and prospective customers within the office's market area.
  • Ensures that all office operations are performed in accordance with established Bank policies and procedures, either directly or through appropriate supervisor, e.g., office balancing, control of vault cash, etc.
  • Provides for the proper security, maintenance, safety, and cleanliness of the office; supervises the opening and closing of the building and vault; makes necessary provisions for the securing and accounting of negotiable papers.
  • Conducts regular self-audits within branch.
  • Establishes Customer Information Files (CIFs) and opens new accounts with appropriate identification.
  • Reviews all new accounts for accuracy and legitimacy.
  • Prepares outgoing wires.
  • Places stops and holds on accounts as required.
  • Participates in the development and execution of product plans.
  • Establishes/coordinates Remote Capture process for business customers.
  • Ensure timely review of various branch reports for accuracy.
  • Ensures timely submission of required reporting.
  • Actively participates in community organizations and activities in a manner which reflects favorably on the Bank.
  • Implements strategies to achieve goals assigned to the branch office as established in the Retail Banking Division's annual operating plan; assists in the development of the annual budget for the office and adheres to budget parameters.
  • Abides by the current laws and organizational policies and procedures designed and implemented to promote an environment which is free of harassment and other forms of illegal discriminatory behavior in the workplace.
  • Cooperates with, participates in, and supports the adherence to all internal policies, procedures, and practices in support of risk management and overall safety and soundness and the Bank's compliance with all regulatory requirements, e.g., Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Equal Credit Opportunity Act, etc.; ensures that the office and all personnel adhere to the same.
  • Directly supervises assigned personnel as follows:
  • Assists in the selection of new personnel as appropriate.
  • Makes provisions for the proper orientation and training of new personnel.
  • Reviews employee performance throughout the probationary period and on a regularly scheduled basis thereafter.
  • Organizes, schedules, and distributes work among assigned personnel.
  • Keeps personnel informed of pertinent policies and procedures affecting the office and/or their jobs; creates an atmosphere in which upward communication from employees is encouraged.
  • Administers personnel policies and procedures as established by Bank policy.
  • Communicates with the VP Regional Manager, other office managers, and appropriate staff personnel in order to integrate goals and activities.
  • Provides periodic reports to the VP Regional Manager and other groups as required throughout the Bank.

Ancillary Duties

Performs tasks which are supportive in nature to the essential functions of the job, but which may be altered or re-designed depending upon individual circumstances.


  • Telephone
  • Calculator
  • PC/Computer keyboard
  • Printer
  • Fax machine
  • Copy machine
  • Scanner
  • Automobile

Posted On: Friday, March 17, 2023

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