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The next progression in a Biomedical Equipment Technician’s career, a BMET II usually has a two-year degree or the associated experience to maintain a larger array of patient care equipment. A BMET II has a good knowledge of schematics and can work independently on repairs and calibrations; maintains accurate and complete service records and coordinates/manages vendor repairs. A BMET II is essential to the company's program in setting an example for junior technicians; demonstrating solid technical, problem solving, administrative and customer service skills. As a BMET II, the individual can build upon experience as they continue to grow professionally.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Assembles, maintains, and repairs basic electronic devices according to their specifications
  • Maintains and repairs life-support and other high-risk patient care and diagnostic equipment
  • Helps to support the facility’s scheduled maintenance program
  • Accurately documents all activities in the preferred computerized medical maintenance system, follows up with customer at each delay, repair milestone, or completion
  • Diagnoses and solves system and equipment malfunctions by making repairs or replacements in accordance to the system’s technical specifications or requirements
  • Researches and orders parts to perform repairs and maintenance
  • Provides technical in-service or instruction to Facility staff in proper operation of patient care equipment
  • Demonstrates cost containment and financial acumen
  • Maintains a good personal relationship with fellow co-workers, hospital staff, and vendors
  • Provides mentoring and training to Biomedical Equipment Technicians and apprentices
  • Meets department performance indicator standards on a regular basis
  • Maintains a clean and safe workspace
  • Complies with all facility specific policies and procedures
  • Participates in facility on-call rotation
  • Supervises or coordinates OEM or Vendor service technicians while on-site
  • Works closely with management to develop and implement a plan for professional growth
  • Performs other duties as assigned**

Required Skills:

  • Possesses a comprehensive knowledge of electromechanical devices and principles, as well as a thorough understanding of general patient care equipment and can demonstrate the usage of supported devices
  • Basic understanding of life-support and diagnostic support devices and their usage within the healthcare setting

Required Competencies

  • Accountability – takes ownership of assigned work and responsibilities, follows through and closes the loop
  • Communication – clearly expresses thoughts and ideas both in written and verbal communications, provides timely information
  • Financial Acumen – Considers financial impact of all decisions
  • Integrity – Can admit mistakes, is direct and truthful
  • Customer Service – demonstrates a “customer-first” mentality, focused on meeting the needs of customers and captures feedback to make improvements
  • Priority Setting – Prioritizes assigned schedules and workload
  • Knowledge - Advanced understanding of general clinical patient care devices and their use within the healthcare facility. A basic knowledge of life-support and high-end modalities is preferred.
  • Team Building – Mentors newer technicians, facilitates clear communication amongst the team, demonstrates care and respect for co-workers and colleagues
  • Regulatory – knows the various accrediting agencies (TJC, DNV, CAP, DOH) and how the Medical Equipment Management Plan complies


  • Culture – promotes the Vision, Mission and Values that make up the company's culture as well as the culture of the healthcare facility
  • Mechanically inclined – technical skills and abilities to figure out how things work
  • Self-motivated - can work on their own or under limited direction while prioritizing equipment schedules and repair activities. Advanced projects or activities require supervision
  • Open-minded – Willing to listen to opinions and criticism, can switch directions quickly
  • Agility - Can perform tasks in a safe, timely manner, in a fast-paced environment
  • Improvement – willing to learn and grow, wants to update job skills for career growth
  • Confidence – Self-reliant decision maker that doesn’t second guess decisions
  • Multi-tasker – Is organized and efficient, handles multiple projects or tasks simultaneously

Education/Special Training
Associates degree, or military equivalent in Biomed, Electronics, or I.T. hardware/networks

  • Technical Certificate or DOD training required
  • Any OEM equipment-specific training

Required Work Hours
Forty hours per week during daytime and evening hours. Scheduled work hours may change. Overtime may be required or permitted with prior approval. This position is included in the on-call rotation for the facility.

Reporting and Supervisory Responsibilities*
1. The BMET II reports to – Manager, Biomedical Engineering
2. This position has no supervisory responsibilities

Physical Requirements*
The BMET II must be able to speak, hear, see, read, write, type, dial, reach, bend, climb, crawl, crouch, kneel, squat, and twist. Must have near vision, far vision, depth perception, and be able to distinguish colors. Must have sensory ability to distinguish hot, cold, range of temperatures, surfaces, fine motor skills, manual dexterity, and detect/distinguish odors. Must be able to carry or lift up to 50 pounds routinely.

Travel will not be required for this position, unless otherwise specified. Rarely, if any travel, including airline travel and overnight stays, may be requested.

FLSA: Non-exempt

Understand and observe company policies and procedures.
Utilize teamwork in your daily activity and insure customer satisfaction.


  • Housekeeping – Maintain a clean, orderly appearance of all work areas.
  • Personal appearance – Must observe company dress code always and must have good personal hygiene.
  • Maintain all company owned equipment including tools, test equipment, computers, and others as specified in proper working condition and ensure annual calibration where appropriate.

Posted On: Wednesday, February 2, 2022
Compensation: $85,000.00

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