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ISO Quality Manager

Interfuse Staffing - Levittown, PA

Position Description:

This position will provide technical support to silicone coating line for quality issues/concerns encountered on qualified grades, troubleshooting/support for new products/grades, oversee quality technicians as well as maintain corporate ISO program.


The Position is Responsible For:

  • Communication to customer regarding specifications, quality trends, quality
    evaluations, and complaints.
  • Coordinate technical questions regarding product functionality, design, quality, etc.
    with assigned Silicone customers.
  • Follow-up with internal departments to obtain and share technical information.
  • Facilitate the development of silicone coated products for Release customers.
  • Propose and implement new product concepts by designing and running
    manufacturing trials.
  • Transfer defined customer quality parameters into production relevant parameters
    and test plans.
  • Monitor product quality to make sure customer’s requirements are consistently met.
  • Assist Sales in selling and marketing raw base, substrates and coated products to
    Release customers.
  • Evaluate customer needs with Sales and help determine product fits.
  • Conduit for communication of customer needs and requirements to organization.
  • Issue and communicate Non-conformance reports.
  • Coordinate customer quality claims and investigations.
  • Act as liaison between company and customer on quality issues and performance
  • Communicate investigation efforts, resolutions and corrective actions to customers.
  • Determine cost impact of requested customer changes (i.e. product design,
    converting demands)
  • Attend trade shows to remain updated on market developments, as needed.
  • Formulates and maintains quality objectives complementary to corporate policies
    and goals.
  • Maintain ISO standards, Lead ISO Audit, and Chair Customer audits
  • Interprets quality philosophy to key personnel in organization.
  • Develops and initiates standards and methods for inspection, testing, and evaluation.
  • Plans and oversees the analysis, inspection, design, test, and/or integration to
    assure the quality of assigned product or component.
  • Performs quality engineering reviews of design documentation for compliance
    with stated requirements, including vendor quality manuals and company quality
  • Applies statistical process control (SPC) methods for analyzing data to evaluate
    the current process and process changes.
  • Reviews all data obtained during all quality control and quality assurance
    activities to ensure consistency with company policies and procedures.
  • Develops new approaches to solve problems identified during quality activities.
  • Keeps management team abreast of significant issues or developments
    identified during quality activities and actions being taken to improve the
  • Prepares and presents technical and program information to the management
  • Directs workers engaged in inspection and testing activities to ensure
    continuous control over materials, facilities, and products.
  • Maintains a working knowledge of government and industry quality codes and
  • Plays active role on quality management teams within organization.
  • Designs and implements quality training programs to key personnel in
    conjunction with managers.
  • Investigates and adjusts customer complaints regarding quality.
  • COA’s/COC’s are processed properly for customer requirements.
  • Oversee the safety meetings, ensuring that safety precautions take place.

Competency of Position Requirements:

  • Demonstrates attention to detail
  • Gathers and analyzes information skillfully
  • Must be reliable and on-time on a regular basis
  • Responds to management direction
  • Takes responsibility for one’s actions
  • Prioritizes and plans work activities
  • Responds promptly to customer needs
  • Presents numerical data effectively
  • Communicates changes effectively
  • Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness
  • Adapts to changes in the work environment
  • Looks for ways to improve and promote quality
  • Strives to increase productivity
  • Observes safety and security procedures


Posted On: Thursday, June 13, 2024
Compensation: $85,000+

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