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Microbiology Technologist

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Performs laboratory tests on acceptable specimens to obtain accurate data in accordance with established procedures and protocols and in a timely manner.

· Precisely follows established testing, reporting, and operational policies, procedures, and clinical protocols.

· Maintains high quality and accuracy of work at all times.

· Correlates and applies knowledge to day-to-day operations, sustaining a high level of independent judgment.

· Adapts to changing technology. Accepts and performs new procedures with an average amount of supervision and performs such procedures without difficulty after training.

· Documents handwritten information accurately, and neatly.

· Verifies results of STAT tests within established turn-around-time guidelines.

· Utilizes time efficiently and offers to help others when work in assigned area is complete.

· Sets an example in work performance and team building, concern for patients and co-workers by maintaining a positive interpersonal approach and demeanor.

· Meets competency level for tests that are offered in that technical area or meets competency in sub-specialty area(s).

· Works productively with minimal errors and follow-up.

· Demonstrates professionalism.

Performs quality control (QC), and proficiency testing (PT) as assigned.

· Regularly performs Quality Control following established procedures and clinical protocols.

· Regularly releases test results only when quality control (QC) values are acceptable.

· Completes preliminary investigation and troubleshoots out-of-range QC. Routinely resolves QC problems without help.

· Performs, reviews, and reports PT following established procedures in the indicated timeframe.

· Actively participates in setting up and establishing plans for validation / verification of new reagents, quality control, tests or instruments as assigned by the Director, Assistant Director, Manager, or Supervisor. Responsible for compiling data and submitting for review, as required.

Maintains laboratory equipment, instruments, reagents and/or supplies required in performance of job responsibilities.

· Performs and documents scheduled instrument maintenance and/or calibrations following approved procedures and within the defined frequency as indicated.

· Identifies instrument problems and handles troubleshooting and documentation according to approved procedures. Seldom requires assistance to resolve routine instrument problems.

· Reports a variance from normal procedures and/or instrument malfunctions within ½ hour to the supervisor or assistant director.

· Uses reagents and supplies prudently and takes timely and appropriate action when supplies are noted to be low so as not to overstock or exhaust supplies. Receives and puts away supplies on a timely basis following established protocols.

Maintains a clean and orderly work environment.

· Maintains a tidy and orderly work area such that coworkers can readily follow and pick up workflow.

· Documents appropriate follow-through, and communicates pending work to next shift.

· Cleans immediate work area at end of shift per established procedures.

· Restocks supplies and/or reagents in immediate work area at end of shift.

Direct, review, and /or verify work of other clinical laboratory personnel or technologist trainees.

· Actively assumes responsibility as primary operator of an analyzer, or specialized work area.

· Performs accurate result review on a timely basis.

· Willingly participates and is actively involved in the training of new employee or technologist trainees.

· Completes training documentation for each trainee/new hire for each area assigned.

· Provides a positive training experience for staff/trainee as assigned.

Medical Technologists meeting NYSDOH qualifications for a Laboratory Supervisor (10 NYCRR, Part 58-1, section 1.4) may be required to perform supervisory functions in the absence of the regular supervisor.

· Monitors workflow on an ongoing basis and adjusts staff accordingly to assure results are timely.

· Reviews results and documents in accordance with state and federal regulations.

· Reviews QC data on an ongoing basis. Documents corrective action for any QC not within established guidelines.

· Willingly assumes charge person and/or “Go To” responsibilities during the week, on weekends and holidays.

Required responsibilities for all Medical Technologist positions:

· Completes the laboratory safety exam on an annual basis.

· Completes the laboratory compliance exam on an annual basis.

· Completes one (1) hour of compliance training annually as defined by the department.

· Attains and documents at least 15 units of continuing education annually as defined by departmental policy.

· Attends department staff meetings; reviews minutes of any missed meetings on a timely basis.

· Keeps the Supervisor informed and communicates effectively to ensure vital patient and operational information is shared among co-workers and shifts appropriately.

· Maintains technical competence within areas of responsibility by completing annual competency requirements as defined by departmental policy.

· Understands the existing and potential hazards in the work area in such a way as to prevent injury/illness by following laboratory health and safety policies and procedures.

· Timely corrects and/or reports any safety hazard or malfunctioning of equipment within their work shift.

· Follows laboratory and departmental policies and procedures related to compliance to assure current Medicare regulations are upheld.

Performs similar or related duties as requested or directed.

Organizational Responsibilities:

· Adheres to standards of practice as set forth in policy and guidelines to assure patient safety.

· Uses supplies and institutional resources in a financially responsible manner.

· Maintains an orderly, clean and safe work environment.

· Maintains appropriate, professional personal appearance, including but not limited to required attire such as uniforms and safety apparel.

· Assists in the training process of technical trainee/or orientation of new personnel.

· Participates in staffing patterns that reflect variable demands in service.

· Demonstrates a positive attitude.

· Uses flexibility and innovation while problem solving.

· Demonstrates collaborative practice, support and respect for each team member.

· Participates in departmental / organizational committees.

· Demonstrates initiative in expanding and sharing knowledge.

· Participates in continued education through attendance and presentations at in-service or on-line sessions.

· Communicates with coworkers while adhering always to laboratory policies for the protection of the privacy of patient health information and confidentiality.

· Assists with the development and implementation of policies and procedures.

· Communicates necessary information to supervisor or team leader in support of unit, departmental and facility standards and policies.



· Bachelor's degree in Medical Technology, Biology or Chemistry, or related field required. Although required, a bachelor’s degree may not be required if NYS SED has permitted the successful incumbent as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist under their grandfathering rules.


· Candidates must be qualified as a Medical Technologist in accordance with New York State Department of Health regulations.

· Experience in standard laboratory methodologies required.

· Previous Clinical Laboratory experience, preferred.

· Previous experience with a Laboratory Information System (LIS), preferred.


· Current valid licensure by NYS SED as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist required, or licensure-eligible with a limited permit or limited license as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist.


· Strong attention to detail, precision, and commitment to accuracy are essential.

· Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential.

· Strong time-management and organizational skills are required.

· Must be proficient with Microsoft Office applications, including but not limited to, Excel, Word, and Power Point.

Physical Requirements:

· Position requires extensive standing, occasional sitting and routine walking.

· Ability to push/pull up to 35lbs and lift objects of up to 25lbs is occasionally required.

· Position requires extensive close visual work, requiring visual acuity.

· Some laboratory tests performed are dependent on color determination. Ability to differentiate colors is required to perform these tests.

· Category I risk exposure as defined by OSHA.

Posted On: Wednesday, September 6, 2023
Compensation: $28 - $33

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