Maintenance Manager

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Maintenance Manager


  • Responsible to ensure corporate integrity within their area of expertise.
  • Responsible for integrating quality values into the functions of this position, as well as reporting positions.
  • Responsible for implementing the philosophy of total quality and the use of quality control (statistical problem solving and customer service) techniques within their position.
  • Responsible for the execution of all prescribed preventative maintenance programs.
  • Heat treat equipment
  • Non-heat treat equipment
  • Building/grounds
  • Tools
  • Responsible for the execution of special projects.
  • Responsible for opening any new work orders needed
  • Responsible for maintaining all maintenance related logs, documentation, and reports on a continuing basis.
  • Responsible for upholding the requirements of the on-call policy as required.
  • Responsible for maintaining a flexible schedule in order to work various shifts, hours, and overtime as required.
  • Responsible for inventory management and notifying any low quantities to Quality Supervisor and/or Accounting Spare parts,Tools,and Supplies
  • Responsible for programming controllers for equipment.
  • Responsible to be a member of the divisional safety team.
  • Responsible for following lockout tagout procedures per the procedure.
  • Responsible for completing instrument change report forms.
  • Responsible for assisting in probe checks if needed.
  • Responsible for notifying Quality Supervisor when maintenance bulletin items completed or safety team action items are completed.
  • Responsible for special projects as assigned by Quality Supervisor
  • Responsible for assisting in building or repairing of baskets, quads, etc. or fabrication or modification of customer baskets for customer special needs.
  • Responsible for general overall housekeeping.
  • Responsible for maintaining work force morale.
  • Responsible for communicating with others and participating in a group/team environment.
  • Responsible for attending prescribed training sessions.
  • Responsible for understanding and following safety practices and reporting safety hazards


1. High school diploma or GED

2. Must be able to lift and carry 40 pounds

3. Oxy/acetylene torch, arc, and wiring welding experience and proficiency.

4. Completion of basic electrical training classes or equivalent experience.

5. Demonstrated mechanical aptitude or equivalent experience.

6. Decision making skills.

7. Ability to work both supervised and unsupervised.

8. Reliable transportation.

9. Willingness to undertake additional training and/or classes as prescribed by management.

10. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Posted On: Friday, September 21, 2018
Compensation: $80,000

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