Sales Engineer

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Sales Engineer 

  • Develop and implement market strategy to deliver a steadily growing flow of profitable purchase orders.
  • Communicate an accurate and thorough understanding of customer needs to engineering for equipment design and to estimating for quoting purposes.
  • Based on customer contact, identify and communicate new product and business opportunities beyond current product offerings.
  • Identify, develop, quote and close business opportunities.
  • Review incoming information requests.
  • Respond to inquiries from manufacturer’s representatives.
  • Formulate responsive equipment specifications and cost estimates.
  • Resolve customer related issues regarding equipment design, fabrication, testing, acceptance, and overdue payments. This includes monitoring design and progress of in-house projects to confirm compliance to customer requirements. Also, schedule and organize customer visits and acceptance tests.
  • Trade show attendance
  • Edit advertising and online web pages.


  • A Bachelor of Science degree in engineering preferably in mechanical or electrical engineering.
  • At least seven years of successful experience in selling custom designed capital equipment (preferably in the vacuum furnace industry).
  • Ability to communicate to customers relative competitive strengths and convince them to select us as their furnace vendor.
  • Ability to manage productively and efficiently your own time and your subordinates time in dealing with multiple priorities.
  • Knowledge of high temperature furnaces is preferred.

Posted On: Monday, May 13, 2019
Compensation: 150k

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