Machine Mechanic

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  • Hand scraping of ways, plain bearings and flat surfaces for alignment.
  • Precision assembly of bearing sets with proper preload settings.
  • Knowledge of typical preloading for bearings.
  • Knowledge of different bearing types, angular contact, taper, thrust etc.
  • Capable to check and correct machine alignments via scraping or grinding.
  • Knowledge of both Metric and SAE sizes for bolts, pipes, fittings, tolerances etc.
  • Ability to read detailed mechanical drawings and assembly drawings in both ISO and European formats.
  • Knowledge of hydraulic, lubrication, pneumatic and coolant system pumps, valves, pressure controls, concepts, designs, startup and diagnosis, ability to read prints for these systems in ISO and European formats.
  • Good pipe bending and hose making skills.
  • Precision assembly of ballscrews and thrust bearing sets.
  • Understanding of tolerance standards.
  • Ability to work with micrometers, calipers, layout tools, gauges, and other precision equipment.
  • Knowledge of different thread types for bolts and fluid fittings i.e. Ermito, Flare, British Standard, Metric, SAE, Pipe etc.
  • Capable to consistently work in the .001mm or .00005” accuracy ranges.
  • Must own all their own tools, and have all tools required for this type of position.
  • Ability to work with sheet metal structures like guarding for installation and fitting.
  • Proven skills in shaft to shaft alignment techniques.
  • Skills in checking and setting lash on way keepers, worms, gear sets etc.
  • Knowledge of seals, sealing techniques and best practices.
  • Fine assembly skills.


  • Knowledge of CNC and PLC controls from Fanuc, Siemens, NUM, Allen Bradley etc.
  • Knowledge of feedback devices like glass scales, encoders, resolvers etc,
  • Knowledge in the setup and tuning of servo systems using oscilloscope technology and frequency analysis.
  • Intimate and experienced with all IEC61131 PLC programming languages.
  • Fluent in C, C++ and Visual Basic languages.
  • Experience in development of advanced HMI interfaces for machine tools.
  • Experience with RS-274 part programing language.
  • Experience in Macro Programming language
  • Startup and debug skills for complete CNC integrations including drive setup, PLC testing, HMI testing, complete system testing, machine runoffs etc.
  • Strong electrical background or engineering degree in electronics and high power electrical systems.


  • An individual that fits into this category has a wide array of skills which includes a smattering from both the mechanical assembler position to the controls engineering position listed above.
  • Travel is usually required as road service is the primary duty of this person
  • Machine startup and testing skills are mandatory as al l mechanical, fluids, electrical and software systems on the machine must be fully tested and debuged to make the machine ready for a runoff or eventual sale.

Posted On: Thursday, September 20, 2018
Compensation: $30.00

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