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We are looking for an annoyingly accurate finance professional.

Our client, located in Central Iowa, near Des Moines, designs, sells, manufactures and implements process control solutions across a range of industrial applications and industries. The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for all accounting and financial activities through their own efforts and those of the team they lead. As a member of the Leadership Team, the CFO will contribute to discussions and decisions on all aspects of the business. Being a member of the senior leadership means you are “always on” and will represent the company to customers, suppliers and the community and internally with employees.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Preparation of all monthly financial statements
  • Preparation of annual budget and periodic monitoring of budget
  • Preparation of payroll
  • Direct the maintenance of general and subsidiary ledgers, accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing, depreciation, operating expenses, etc.
  • Monitor accounts receivable and deal with collections
  • Analyze cash flow needs.
  • Creation, maintenance and preparation of managerial accounting reports to monitor business operations. See attached document entitled “Business System Requirements” for further information.
  • Manage and reduce COGS through active management of our supply chain.
  • Manage and reduce Operating and Overhead expenses.
  • Manage contracts between company and customers and between company and suppliers.
  • Coordinate external audit and external financial reporting
  • Participate in all tax-related matters including sales tax and federal/state taxes
  • Manage acquisition activity as needed
  • Supervise Accounting department staff

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Skill in developing, maintaining and interpreting financial reports
  • Skill in developing, maintaining and interpreting useful managerial reports to assist in monitoring

Business Operations:

  • Capacity to think strategically and participate in discussions regarding all aspects of our business as a member of the Leadership Team.
  • General business management skills.
  • Ability to effectively interact and negotiate with customers and suppliers.
  • Proficiency in computerized accounting software
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Work ethic demonstrating high attention to detail
  • Supervisory capabilities

Measurements and Goals

  • Timely and accurate preparation of meaningful financial documents
  • Timely and accurate preparation of meaningful managerial reports. This includes implementation of the concepts identified in the Business System Requirements document.
  • Timely and accurate payroll processing
  • Meet company goals with regard to aged accounts receivable
  • Timely and accurate handling of all tax activities
  • Management of company expenses including COGS and Operating/Overhead expenses.

Key Behaviors:

  1. Remarkably Responsive: We genuinely enjoy helping our customers operate at their best. We live it by promptly answering questions with proactive solutions. We anticipate issues before they escalate and navigate comprehensive options – whether it’s a product quote or untimely emergency.
  2. Aggressively Accountable: We have our customers’ backs. We know sometimes things go wrong, and when they do, we take responsibility to attack a problem’s cause and solve it. We rectify issues no one else can.
  3. Colossally Committed: We believe that strong relationships are earned. Our reliable presence and commitment means we show up. All the time. Every time. In every interaction, we give 100% effort, 100% of the time. Our customers recognize the value of our long-term dedication. We do whatever’s vital to keep our customers’ businesses running.
  4. Annoyingly Accurate: Accuracy bolsters customer trust. We set high standards and strive for precision that’s borderline annoying. We aim to deliver unbeatable accuracy.


  1. Accountability: Demonstrates the ownership necessary to achieve the desired results.
  2. Business Fundamentals: Understands the organization's mission and functions; business ethics; market knowledge.
  3. Critical & Analytical Thinking: Possesses sufficient inductive and deductive reasoning ability; mental agility.
  4. Drive for Results: Pursues work with energy, drive, and a strong accomplishment orientation. Goes beyond the routine demands of the job.
  5. Functional/Technical Skills: Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment.
  6. Initiative: Intrinsically driven to succeed and excel.
  7. Organized: Able to orchestrate multiple activists at once to accomplish a goal.
  8. Preparing & Evaluating Budgets: Gathers relevant budget material and anticipates future needs; accurately prepares estimates of cost and prepares budget.
  9. Problem Solving & Decision Making: Identifying problems; generating alternatives; choosing solutions and implementing them.
  10. Strategic Planning/Action: Specifies the strategies and actions necessary to achieve objectives.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, MBA preferred.

Experience: Experience in accounting activities and management of those activities. Experience in accounting activities of product and services operations. Experience with accounting systems and financial reporting. Emphasis on ERP implementation.


  • Base from $120K+ depending on experience
  • 30%+ combined annual bonus and retirement compensation package
  • Full benefits
  • Other benefits as defined.

Posted On: Thursday, December 27, 2018
Compensation: $120K++

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Thomas Cox
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