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Seeking a UX/IA design Guru to work with the skunks...

We are looking for a digital media User Experience (UX) Guru with solid Information Architecture (IA) skills to join an elite team. We are going to be very busy making engaging tools and visualizations never before presented to our core user group. As a special team working autonomously within a publicly traded media environment, our mission is to turn the otherwise overlooked metadata generated at the core of our business into something beautiful and useful. Do you know what the blog,FiveThirtyEight, is like? That’s partially what we are drawing upon as an inspirational touchstone for this role, but with a twist – we want to make our unique proprietary data interesting and present it as attractive and interactive tool sets for our end users who are sophisticated, technology-oriented, career professionals. When these folks dip in and out of our core content, we want to give them a compelling reason stay longer by offering the interactive tools you will help this team create. The result is the transformation of an otherwise often impersonal service into a more useful, personalized site that is sticky, fresh and top-of-mind for the entire industry we serve.

We are looking for this UX/IA Guru to join the small and focused team we have named, "Skunkworks." The Skunkworks team is tasked with developing a comprehensive strategy to grow our user engagement through innovative tactics and then execute those ideas. We are looking for our UX/IA Guru to join our marketing and project management experts and be able to clearly articulate creative design pathways from experience we wish to offer to our users. The right candidate will have an entrepreneurial spirit, they will have an engaging design ethos, they will be able to make choices and iterate quickly.

This is not a start-up; this is a new position in a new department that reports directly to the CEO. We are a key part of an established, publicly-traded media company, with offices across the US and the globe. This opportunity is in Des Moines, Iowa – one of the best places in the US for industry and careers. We have the resources and the motivation to make a big impact, are you our UX Guru?

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Our team is called "Skunkworks" because it's a small group, commissioned by our CEO, and focused on the rapid prototyping of data-driven content and interactive tools for our technology-centric users and clients.
  • Partnering with your teammates, you will design and implement unique, creative, and engaging tools that empower our users to grow and prosper in their tech-centric professions.
  • Working with our mainstream teams to build and implement late-stage user interface concepts at scale.
  • We are looking for someone able to immediately and directly contribute to our team, and help us present our data in ways no one else has imagined.

Job Qualifications:

Must have a shareable, organized and accessible body of work, personal or professional, clearly demonstrating your interactive design ethos, your inspirations, your artistry and examples of your information architecture schemas come to life. We will look at this first, and then talk!

Required Tangibles & Intangibles (as evident in your work)

  • Demonstrable User Experience (UX) skills
  • Solid Information Architecture (IA) skills
  • Prototyping experience
  • Ability to user-test a prototype for viability and impact
  • Prototype toolset experience (ex. InDesign/ Sketch/ InVision/ & others)
  • Grasp of demographic roles
  • Experience creating interactive graphics and data visualizations that flow from data analysis.
  • Experience testing and finding answers with a variety of toolsets. Ability to iterate from the test result.
  • Able to articulate the why of a choice.
  • A history of doing things for clearly articulated reasons.

Developer experience appreciated, but not required for the role

  • JavaScript
  • Front-end dev experience
  • Back-end dev experience

Working Environment/Physical Activities:

Modern, technology-centric office environment, some travel may be required. Travel requires the ability to transport a laptop and peripherals and handheld device. If this description for a UX/IA Guru sounds like you, we want to hear from you now!

Posted On: Saturday, April 13, 2019
Compensation: $100,000

Position Contact
Thomas Cox
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