Service Adviser

Isantya Group - Bloem/JHB/National, Gauteng



Tomaintainexcellentstandardsofdepartmentaladministration,suchasservicesheets,invoices,jobcards,warrantyclaims, authorisations,etc.

To ensure accurate 'verbatim' customer information to uphold

To maintain customer database with contact details andinformation.

To assist dealership in achieving industry standards of processefficiency.

To maintain and further develop own personal knowledge base in order to remainup-to-date.


Customer focus:

Todelivervaluetothecustomer byprovidinganynecessaryadviceandrecommendationsthatwouldenhance theirexperienceofthe brand.

To maximise customer awareness of all products and servicesavailable.

To develop and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty to ensure repeatbusiness.

To receive customers (directly or via Meet-n-Greet) in a professional and friendly manner in order to ensure they feelvalued.

To create collaborative internal and external partnerships in order to expedite servicedelivery.

To take the initiative and exceed customer satisfaction, even in the face of setbacks orobstacles.

Toliaiseandinteractwiththecustomersaccurately inordertocompletelyunderstandandcomprehendtheirserviceneeds.

Tomaintaincontactwithcustomersonanongoingbasisregardinganypossibleserviceconcernsor additionalrequirements.

To effectively interact and communicate with customers, explaining service details in an understandable and appropriate manner, involving Service Technicians whennecessary.

To ensure costumer complaints are effectively managed via CRM'systems.

Posted On: Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Tagged: Operations

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