Helpdesk Level Two Support

Jobvous LLC - Houston, TX

 General Helpdesk Skills


  1. Ability to use and update tickets within the ServiceNow ticketing system.
  2. Ability to answer the phone and respond to the ticket request system that receives 600 tickets per week.
  3. Ability to work with an immediate team of nine other helpdesk techs along with an extended IT team in multiple physical locations.
  4. Ability to handle a complex work environment requiring multiple skill sets and requirements.
  5. Ability to work with groups of people within the IT group and user environment as needed.
  6. Ability to move, lift and set up computer equipment.


    • Primary Helpdesk Job Requirements


      1. Complete support for Hardware and Microsoft office products
        1. Office 2010/2016/365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint,Outlook and Access)
        2. Skills Required - Understanding Office Trust Center, Adding/Removing add-ins, troubleshooting Office Errors. setup of Outlook on Exchange for local and remote users.
        3. Ability to setup and troubleshoot desktop and laptop hardware from multiple vendors and upgrade hardware as requested.
        4. Strong understanding of how computer hardware components interact and are upgraded.


      2. Printer setup and maintenance.
        1. Physical installation of printers.
        2. Replacing/Troubleshooting Printer repair kits.
        3. Troubleshooting network issues with printers, ability to print configuration pages on printers to check IP addresses, print history and page count.


      3. Cisco IP Phone Setup and maintenance
        1. Physical installation of Cisco phones on user desktops.
        2. Use of Cisco Call Manager to set up phones for users.
        3. Use of Cisco Unity Voice mail to set up voice mail to users.
        4. Understanding of phone configuration and use of setting up the voice mail box.


      4. Active Directory Setup of new users and Security
        1. Creation and Removal of User AD objects.
        2. Creation of distribution lists, file and application access groups and assigning them to users objects.
        3. Creation of computer account objects and removing them.


      5. Video Conferencing
        1. Setting up and maintaining Cisco VSX,HDXand Tandberg video conference units.
        2. Understanding of Cisco Jabber, Skype and Zoom software VTC.
        3. Working with local and international contacts on setting up and conducting video conferences between multiple sites.
        4. Knowledge of Polycom MGC bridge unit and proper usage of TMS.


      6. ActiveSync and mobile device setup and Troubleshooting.
        1. Ability for basic troubleshooting of ActiveSync and setting up iOS/Android devices for use on the ENGIE NA Exchange server.
        2. Basic understanding of Azure PowerShell Exchange scripts.


      7. Exchange account setup and Security.
        1. Understanding of Exchange 2010 and Exchange Online tools.
        2. Setting up and maintenance of Exchange accounts, removing users, creating users, adding addresses and maintaining distribution lists.


      8. Citrix XenApp Client Support.
        1. Installation and troubleshooting of Citrix XenAppclient on desktops and laptops.
        2. Understanding of Citrix Access Management Console for monitoring and removal of users connected to server farm.
        3. Advanced - understanding of setting up and packaging applications on Citrix Server environment.
        4. Full understanding of Client VDI environments and supporting end users.


      9. Network infrastructure Trouble shooting.
        1. Ability to test and troubleshoot physical network problems between network switch in IDF room and end point device.
        2. Ability to communicate findings to network support groups.


      10. Creating and deploying Image for pc.
        1. Ability to image a desktop or laptop from a SCCM and MDT.
        2. Ability to follow procedures on imaging a client machine, joining it to domain, installation of secondary support software and creation of end user profiles.
        3. Advanced - assist in building, maintaining and upgrading corporate image as needed.


      11. Working with outside vendors on IT matters.
        1. Ability to communicate with outside vendors for support on issues such as phones, computer orders or other issues if needed.


      12. Moving and Setup of laptop/desktop equipment.
        1. Ability to move, setup and configure laptops, desktops, printers and phones during weekly moves of 5-100 people as necessary.


      13. Installation of applications on desktops and laptops.
        1. Ability to install, maintain and troubleshoot applications that are hosted on the client machines from a list of authorized applications maintained by ENGIE NA.
        2. Understanding of Desktop and Laptop hardware and proper methods to upgrade units.


      14. Inventory and asset controls.
        1. Accurately maintain and update corporate inventory list each time a client machine is worked on in the inventory database.


      15. Usage and entry of tickets into the HelpStar system.
        1. Ability to enter in detailed tickets into the HelpStar ticking system.
        2. Follow established workflows and proper escalation procedures between level 1 and level 3 Helpdesk queues.


      16. Maintain and update the System of Knowledge Database (SOK) in ServiceNow.
        1. When closing a HelpStar ticket with a new resolution the tech will be required to provide an entry into the SOK database.
        2. Entry will include to a description of the error with relevant screenshots and error messages.
        3. A detailed listing of steps taken to address the issue.
        4. The description containing the final fix and resolution.
        5. Root cause identification when applicable.
        6. Tech will enter key words and indexing search terms into SOK.

Posted On: Monday, June 17, 2019

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