FileMaker Developer

Kalos Consulting, Inc. - Paris, ON, Canada

The company specializes in marketing but also has grown into doing more development/support services. They are a small team of developers compared to other companies in bigger cities. If you like the idea of being at work after a 10-20 minute leisurely drive, this opportunity is for you. If you like going out, you can be in Toronto in an hour and Hamilton/Kitchener within 40 minutes.

The company is looking to add a FileMaker developer with the ability to do higher level thinking in order to analyze data and situations that come up with solutions. This roles allows you the flexibility to work independently but also have a team of developers to support you as needed. Good communication skills with customers/users of their programs is also required.

The position often times will require doing FileMaker work on-site at the customers location. Most of the work will be technical work, but you will also be required to respond to user queries/bugs as well as learning from the users/clients what their requirements are.

Position offers a competitive compensation package with benefits as well as a budget for further training and education.

The location of the company has been called one of the prettiest little towns in Canada.

Posted On: Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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