Reconfigurable Computing Research Scientist

LaBine and Associates - Falls Church, VA

This position will lead research in algorithm development for custom internal tools that target FPGA and ASIC front end design. These tools solve challenging problems in hardware security, high-level abstraction for hardware design, and machine learning acceleration for critical systems.

Additional duties include:

  • Realize the effectiveness of solutions on physical FPGAs and custom ASIC fabrication.
  • Lead research, propose major innovations, collaborate with peers within the group and across the company, publish results in top tier conferences, and contribute to or lead proposals.

Required Qualifications

  • PhD in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Science required.
    Experience with Machine Learning and/or Graph partitioning algorithms targeting FPGAs or ASICs.
  • Experience designing, developing, implementing, and debugging firmware for FPGAs, including Xilinx Virtex7 or later architectures. Experience with Intel Aria-10 and Stratix-10 devices also desirable.
  • C++/Java and Python development experience, including contributions to large-scale software projects, commercial or open-source.
  • Solid understanding of CAD algorithms including synthesis, partitioning, mapping, placing, and routing.
  • Expert level use of Xilinx or Intel FPGA implementation tools, including High-level synthesis.
  • Previous publications, patents, or innovations related to FPGA productivity, CAD or EDA algorithms and tools.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Detailed understanding of mapped and unmapped netlist formats, such as EDIF, XDL, and structural Verilog.
  • Proficiency in software cross-compiling and cross-debugging
  • Experience with Torc, ABC, VPR, VTR, RapidSmith, GoAhead, or similar tools a plus.
  • Experience with Amazon EC2 F1 instances or related FPGA-based cloud platforms.
  • Experience with multi-processor system-on-chip, embedded systems software (Linux, cross-compilers) and Python productivity for FPGAs (i.e. Pynq).
  • Experience leading or contributing to proposals a significant plus.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Master's degree
  • 3 years of work experience
  • Knowledge of research processes and computer science.

Posted On: Monday, September 14, 2020


Position Contact
Laura LaBine
Chief Talent Officer
(650) 393-3161
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