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Our client is currently seeking a Cybersecurity Certification and Testing Specialist for its Redmond, Washington office. This position will provide high quality testing and certification services which meets the clients’ needs in the most efficient and effective manner possible, while ensuring secure products are available in the public marketplace. The role will be responsible for the technical aspects of CRT, vulnerability and penetration testing and interpretation of results. The successful candidate will possess a background in interpretation of standards, processes and procedures as well as providing technical guidance; analysis; product testing information; compliance and maintenance recommendations; technical reviews and independent checks.


  • Independently manage testing and certification projects concurrently ensuring compliance with all applicable test requirements achieving completion within time frames and cost deadlines
  • Test products against requirements of the national / international standards and precedent decisions
  • Review test data, reports and authorizes application of Certification Marks
  • Prepare and / or signs Certification Reports and Certificates of Compliance
  • Collaborate with Lab Technician to create a work order which test are required and; the order of the tests and the number of samples required
  • Verifies the reports, evaluation and calculations of others
  • Provide guidance to others in writing their technical reports and can demonstrate understanding of the process and accreditation requirements of reports and certification documents
  • Evaluate products at the customer facility. Witnesses tests performed by the customer on their products
  • Provides client with assistance in solving problems/failures without divulging proprietary information
  • Evaluates and qualifies companies in the administration of Certification Programs.
  • Provides technical information service to external and internal customers including those forwarded by the Client Service Center.
  • Serve as liaison with customers in the design stage to ensure requirements of national/ international standards are met without compromising confidentiality
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Program or Team Leader or Assistant Operations Manager.
  • Works with sales to support current clients and develop new client opportunities to support growth
  • Prepares project quotations for cost and time. Classifies product by use, environment and function. Determines applicable requirements/test /standards
  • Provide client feedback to Managers, Team Leader or Sales representatives


    Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering with likely 5 or more years of job related experience; or Degree / Diploma in Engineering Technology or related technical field with 8 or more years’ experience
  • Thorough knowledge of Standards and testing procedures
  • Hands on experience in:
    o Minimum 4 years’ experience in detailed system level product development involvement for IACS OR minimum 4 years of Systems Integration experience for IACS OR minimum 3 years’ experience with System Level Product Test for IACS
    o Minimum 1 year experience with software security-related responsibilities
    o Minimum 2 years involvement with networking technologies
    o Minimum 1 year experience performing testing on IACS
  • Successful completion of training class or 1 year experience in job demonstrating proficiency with CRT tool to be used
  • General knowledge of at least two different IACS OR detailed knowledge of one IACS
  • Mid-level knowledge of networking and communication protocols
  • Able to independently read and understand user installation and configuration documents for IACS Products
  • Knowledge of methods used to protect communications and detect / prevent communication attacks
  • Knowledge of ISA 62443, Common Criteria ISO / IEC 27001, IEC 61508
  • High level of interpersonal and communication skills; customer service skills, strong problem-solving ability; detail oriented
  • Strong organizational, time and project management skills to complete job tasks independently and in a time-efficient manner
  • Ability to work unsupervised, in a team-based work environment

Posted On: Thursday, August 15, 2019

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Position Contact
Laura LaBine
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