Process Technology Engineer

LaBine & Associates - Decatur, AL

Our client opportunity in Decator, Alabama is focused on leading the execution of key Technology programs through the “Stage Gate” process and will provide key engineering support to this chemical processing company.

The Process Technology Engineer will also drive improvements in the bench scale pilot facilities. These improvements will be aimed at improving experimental throughput as well as improving the ability to scale up results to full commercial production.

Programs within this company are in support of the adiponitrile process. The adiponitrile facility at Decatur is the world’s largest production facility utilizing organic electrochemistry for the synthesis of organic products.


  • Efficient execution of Stage Gate Programs: Successfully lead cross functional project teams to implement “game changing” improvements in the plant. These improvements are typically process chemistry related improvements tested at bench scale.
  • Step change improvement in effectiveness of lab tools: Lead improvements to bench scale piloting facilities to improve the ability to predict plant scale performance and improve the throughput capabilities of those tools.


  • Serve as an influential leader in safety, setting the right example and influencing others to close safety behavior gaps.
  • Insure that all safety issues/ concerns associated with programs are identified and properly managed.
  • Lead the activities of cross functional teams of PhD chemists and engineers to insure proper execution of stage gate ideas.
  • Be accountable for the execution of team actions to reach program goals.
  • Be able to translate needs and objectives into actionable goals.
  • Escalate any issues and/or barriers to success so that they can be properly managed.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with a wide range of people, from PhD chemists to operations personnel.


  • The Decatur Technology Team is comprised of B.S. and PhD. Chemists and Lab Technicians. Stage Gate teams include Production Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, and Process Engineers.


  • Minimum B.S. in Chemical Engineering.
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in chemical industry.
  • Experience in scaling up from lab scale to industrial chemical processes.
  • Experience with a wide variety of unit operations (liquid extractors, distillation, liquid-liquid separation devices, reactors, etc.).
  • DESIRED CERTIFICATION : Six Sigma Certification is a plus.



  • Organized and well-structured leader.
  • Capable leader effective at driving for results and holding others accountable.
  • Capable of distilling complex interactions into simple, understandable, and useful models.
  • Skilled at interpreting data and input from others. Capable of questioning and objectively separating fact from fiction.
  • Capable of anticipating risks and developing plans to mitigate and/or retire those risks.
  • Skilled in using sound statistics to draw conclusions and design experiments (DOE).
  • Knowledge of basic plant instrumentation and analytical techniques.
  • Good understanding of “plant finance” as it pertains to understanding program costs and benefits.


Posted On: Friday, October 26, 2018

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